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howdy folks im amelia chemelia jade!!

im a trans lesbian college student born 2001, studying biochemistry, game design, and folklore

you can expect shitposts and despair and just talkin about my life. feel free to boost and reply to whatever!

beyond my studies i'm also interested in ttrpgs, girls, worldbuilding, electronic music, girls, drawing, bicycling, and girls

charlottes will literally be like [does something adorable] sorry

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yeah same,,if nobody used it i'd probably have an obnoxious name

prey 2017 earlymidgame spoilers 

maybe i'm misremembering because it's been a while since i played it, but i feel like they could have placed a lot more narrative weight on the point where you can get typhon abilities. because it do be a little fucked up to infuse yourself with hostile extradimensional organism juice to get their powers

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i think prey 2017 would have been SO much better if the creatures had more distinctive designs and weren't just various masses of black tentacles

its taking a lot of restraint not to just post awooooo constantly

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now that i have agatha proximity my brain is just going "awoo awoo awoo" 24/7

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why am i so desperately wanted to post about biden and letting trans women teleporti was not a pixel

wild how jesus was such a big deal when he only lived from december to april

im internalizing the transmedicalism 

hmmmm maybe im not one of the Real Transgenders

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