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howdy folks im amelia chemelia jade!!

im a trans lesbian college student born 2001, studying biochemistry, game design, and folklore

you can expect shitposts and despair and just talkin about my life. feel free to boost and reply to whatever!

beyond my studies i'm also interested in ttrpgs, girls, worldbuilding, electronic music, girls, drawing, bicycling, and girls

body hair 

my tummy is covered in this soft translucent fuzz and it feels really nice okay
im normal

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perhaps i should simply accept that my brain doesn't work anymore and stop trying to use it

a spontaneous anxiety 

remember when they said we should limit screen time? haha

but what if they were right and using computers for literally everything every day for the past 2 years is the reason my brain had turned to mush

watching technology connections and becoming a heat pump stan

mildly lewd 

holding my boob in one hand and rubbing my tummy with the other. normal style

well. i say that like it's a unique occurrence. this is just what every evening is like for me now i guess

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just immediately bouncing off of everything i try to do this evening. bleh

the trombone fandom is dying. repost if you're a true boner

please state your name and meyers-briggs type for the record

squarmp :) gumpulus :) brimplet :) wurmpuole :)

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