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howdy folks im amelia chemelia jade!!

im a trans lesbian college student born 2001, studying biochemistry, game design, and folklore

you can expect shitposts and despair and just talkin about my life. feel free to boost and reply to whatever!

beyond my studies i'm also interested in ttrpgs, girls, worldbuilding, electronic music, girls, drawing, bicycling, and girls

i am just becoming increasingly tired and disheveled

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i don't think i've had any character development in the past year

small and weak and shriveled...
retreating to my lair.....

managed to piece my brain together enough to get my homework done woooooo 🤪🤙


repeatedly pacing and ducking into the bathroom to cry just screams "hire me"

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panic attack! at the networking event


dog bank. account with a "warf balance". getting into debt from the offers by the cute puppy attendant. bio-binting your own 3d "dog"

hrt 💉 

estrogen injectified 💉
it was a good one!! no pain, just a tiny drop of blood
z tracking: It Works™


girls just want to be a massive biomechanical supercomputer the size of a city block


🔍 do you think 7RS and 5P ever explored each others bodies

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