"Maker" is one of the coolest types of people you can be


"communist trans girl maker/hacker" stop STOP i can only get so attracted to you

@chemelia idk while im technically a maker ig (dont have a 3d printer tho nor am i much into 3d printing, but i do have an amount of soldering equipment), i dont really like the word/label 'maker'

idk it all feels a bit.. "learn how to solder/3d print!!! make a fancy led display!! its all fun!! we wont end up recruiting you for raytheon we promise!!!!" instead of doing things that feel empowering (not to toot my own horn but rn im kinda working on stuff to reduce the cost of hardware debugging tools At Least Somewhat), theres certainly An Amount of dudebros, and i dont really like how mitch altman has an almost "rockstar celebrity" status in the maker scene

maybe im just pissed at the maker equivalent of fossbros

@chemelia oh, and commercialization

adafruit and sparkfun kinda position themselves as central to the maker/hardware thing, but they have a lot of show/media around them but as soon as im looking for more advanced stuff, i find nothing useful in their catalogues (nevermind the shipping costs from being at the other side of an ocean)

@chemelia it is a good reason to learn how to make pcbs tho

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