Why do I keep having intense and vivid dreams about my exes?

"The Type-C female port allows you to switch between USB 3.1 speed and USB 2.0 speed with a simple flip of the Type C plug"

that is NOT a feature

All I wanted was to be able to say that I fixed it all by myself but now I’m crying because this just feels like a justification of my imposter syndrome

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I’ve put so many hours into this car now and lost time at work trying to get it back into shape and now it just feels like it was a huge waste.

you're not less of a woman if you don't shave;
you'te not neccessarily more of a woman if you do.

"Behold the exact nature of my shitty code," I say, linking a pull request to changes I _just_ merged to main. 🤦🏻‍♂️

There’s an intimacy vacuum in my life and it’s slowly choking me

I like MMOs just fine. I just wish I could play them offline by myself and that they had better combat

Get back here, I'm gonna validate you whether you like it or not.

This blanket says: TRANS RIGHTS. My wife made it for our friends’ daughter who is also friends with our eldest. I thought it turned out rad, so I wanted to come on here and brag on her.

music theory? what kind of l*ft*st propaganda is that???

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