whenever i get bored i just start keysmashing into the nearest text entry and hope i get an idea

so far, it has not worked yet

if i ever try android development again, please punch me in the face

the android ecosystem is basically the prime example of "i can't believe it's gotten even worse™"

they shoud have a new git feature called git-adhd that you give a few large commits where you hyperfocused a few commits into one, and it splits everything into the commit standards everyone else is expecting by some magic or smthing like that

definiteyl would be helpful

me when people tell me to exercise

youtu.be/QBV5ADLZMdA?t=900 (time 15:00, if the link doesn't work)

google learn what without means challenege (2023) (impossible)

oh no :(

my family got nestle chocolate instead of local brand chocolate that tastes better and possibly cheaper

it's inside AudioClip ud_NCP2_MusicCue_BIG_REVEAL_and_modern_office in one of the sharedasset files. not exactly sure which one

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i extracted the music

elevator noises are baked in the music. sad

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the stanley parable ultra deluxe "new new content" room elevator music fucking SLAPS

it has no right to be as powerful as it is

the world literally just dumped freeman's mind, dankpods, and joel main channel videos yesterday and decided peace out you'll not gonna have any fun for the rest of the week

new freeman's mind is out
new freeman's mind is out
new freeman's mind is out
new freeman's mind is out

thinking about literally just throwing tailwindcss on this qt thing i've been working on

styling everything with css has been a disaster only because it lets me do things like that

have you seen any qt programs that require NODE to build????

step 1. hey, that's a good idea *opening code editor*
step 2. *writing some code* that's looking pretty good so far
step 3. this part is too complicated / this part has a bug i don't care about
step 5. abandon the git repo
step 6. hey, that's a good idea

searching a css question on stackoverflow be like:

first result: uses vendor prefixes that were already deprecated by the time the answer was being written, with hacks so hacky you'd cringe even at the time

a few results in: two lines, works properly on all the browsers people care about (sorry, netsurf), integrates with "modern" features like flexbox and grid

is there ANY gui thing that can work on it's own maybe with asyncio instead of attempting to take over the entire world for itself?

even TK. FUCKING T. K. doesn't do this properly

i just want to add a few functions that pop up a gui. is that really too hard?

(advice encouraged)

imagine wanting to be p2p and having no implementation that can work on a 5$ server or less

(also matrix)

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