does the streamer have any interesting additions to the topic? fuck no, they're just your run of the mill Gamer™

i have no idea why this is such a big deal to me, but it is.

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this isn't the funny part tho. because those videos I see are NOT from the original streamer or anybody affiliated with them

someone is stealing content from the streamer, who then steals the original content of someone else

all this, for what? is anybody going to reward the original video creator (patreon, whatever)? of course not. they'll simply move on to what their streamer friend goes on to next. you don't even get "valuable" exposure.

man i hate "creator" culture

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every time i see "streamer x reacts to youtube video y" on my daily browsing of youtube, i get unnecessarily mad

those videos aren't just 5 second meme clips (though, sometimes even they have some effort to them), but rather hour-long documentary-esque videos with very clear effort put into them

and this dickhead is in the corner just maybe occasionally pausing and saying a thing or two

and if you try to restrict them they will probably unleash their audience to cry "fair use" on you

sometimes i feel like i'm screaming into the void, yknow

i'm gonna fuck my sleep schedule up again soon, i can feel it

not today, but soon™

i briefly forgot what photosynthesis was called and i just had to search "sunlight feed thing"

just because you're family doesn't mean you can ignore my "no" answers and insist on trying to make me say yes

it will just alienate me more

this is going to be a shitshow but there is a very good chance it will never happen so yeah

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a friend of mine wants to open a masto instance but the more he talks abt it the more i expect it to either be completely empty or get fediblocked immediately when its found out

programming crimes 

also don't actually sell that product for actual money

also don't have 40+ active licenses

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programming crimes 

don't do "drm"

if you decide to do "drm", at least don't do it in a way where you have a public mysql server and have admin credentials baked into your product

also don't select all and filter client-side that's what sql is for

also don't run your mysql server on the same server you run php on. mysql can write into files, and php can execute backdoors

also don't do all this on a windows server running xampp, because that just runs php under "nt authority/system"

i love it when i accidentally brush the numpad enter button with my thumb and go "oh fuck what did i click this time"

there's already a -bin in the AUR, apparently

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just realized that, with minecraft accounts moving over to microsoft, multimc will need a microsoft login client id thing so you won't be able to easily compile it yourself should you need to do so (for, like, musl and whatnot)

why do i care? no fucking clue, the prebuilt binaries should work just fine for my case, and i'm sure someone will throw a -bin package to the aur when a stable version happens

despite how it appears i am somehow still alive

there isn't anything fun left on the internet so i guess i'll unexist

probably oversharing but fuck it i have nowhere else to say this 

i just want cute socks, a spinny skirt, and somebody to help me stay sane while i go through life

is that really so much to ask for?

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probably oversharing but fuck it i have nowhere else to say this 

am i just fantasizing about dressing up as a girl out of loneliness or am i not as cis as i thought

maybe i won't even like doing that outside my imagination but i have no safe way of trying it out so i guess i'll be stuck with these thoughts :)))))))))))

brain, i am already a mess stop adding more fuel into the fire


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