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after posting this i searched "dfsg" and started going on a licensing rabbithole

did you know gfdl has a specific exception for wikipedia (not worded that way obviously) to create a backdoor to let them move to cc-by-sa

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it's funny looking at debian packages because sometimes they need to be modified to pass the debian free software guidelines so it indicates that by writing dfsg in the package version and if that isn't a keysmash idk what is

i wonder how far AGPL reaches.

i mean, it's concerned about "network use", right?

what does "network use" exactly mean?

can i, realistically, take an AGPL game (if one exists), modify it, and put it on a game streaming platform and refuse to publish source?

if i can't do that, how far does _that_ reach? is it forbidden to make youtube videos about AGPL stuff without disclosing source?

if you're lucky and the bot creators are idiots, at least on there will be an "other discussions" tab that contains the original of the copy-pasted post

this is trivially defeatable by just downloading and reuploading the image, but some bots don't even do that

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optional third heuristic:

go to your favorite search engine, and search for "exact post title"

bots generally just copy paste their titles so you should be able to find an exact copy of the post in the same sub

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how to spot a karma farming reddit bot with a shocking level of accuracy:

1- is account a few months old
2- is oldest comment a few days old

if so, they're more than likely a bot

fuck's sake in the last 5 minute window i dropped two forks into my absolutely horribly dirty keyboard and smeared yogurt all over it

this is sure annoying

don't get me wrong, mastodon isn't perfect, but the actual problems i've personally heard from people i respect, is that mastodon doesn't have ENOUGH tools to prevent interactions

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"oh no, the admins are doing a good job of enforcing their rules and blocking instances that do not, i'm going to call censorship because 'they did not agree with me' because this makes it harder for me to harass people i do not like"

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these also seem to be the same people that advocate for "let the users choose who to block", to probably intentionally make it harder for everybody actually vulnerable to block them and their friends

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it's funny how every single person i've heard say mastodon is "not actually decentralized" or "censored" all turn out to be the same type of guy that will call lgbtq+ people "pedophiles"

like, there definitely seems to be a clear pattern here

days are even more weird.

i occasionally go through my post history or whatever and it's either "that was A DAY AGO?" or "that's ONLY two days old?"

weeks are just complete messes at this point

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time is weird

due to complications related to being a fucking idiot, i wake up at weird times of the day, today it was around 3-4 AM

every now and then i think to myself "it must be getting late", look at the clock, and it turns out to be like 10 AM or whatever

redditors will see the tr*th social news and go "if they comply with agpl it could be really good for mastodon as it will bring more people and allow them to contribute code upstream"

to be fair, this is easy for me to say, as i don't need any application that forbids modifications (the closest is a bank app that says "hey your system is modified there could be security risks" but lets me continue anyway)

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until we reach the anarcho-communist utopia we're looking for, i don't blame him for getting that job on the android security team, and it's a miracle he's allowed to continue working on magisk, which inherently breaks the android security model, at all

(and besides, aside from emulating software attestation, which is basically a ticking time bomb until google cuts that off, there really doesn't seem to be any "easy" ways to get safetynet back)

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if i ever need to act entitled for some reason i'd simply learn from topjohnwu's replies after safetynet implemented hardware attestation


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