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doing a zine of essays of spiritual philosophy with a friend, two pieces planned already
- dandelions as an image of the ultimate prison break, widening the cracks in concrete consensus reality until it breaks
- serpents and wavelengths, images of energy and power, intertwined
hmu if you wanna contribute, it's gonna be a short and sweet affair, just something fun to collaborate on x

wondering whether you can actually program intelligent evil

Page of Coins, representing learning. Learning by doing.

what's on offer, you ask?

* divination (tarot, I Ching, astrology transits)
* astrology birth charts (interpreted as a story, a fairytale, a myth - turning you into a hero)
* casual writing partner (long-form emails are great for exchanging poetry, spinning a story, philosophising)
* photo editing, doing your zine's/book's layout, turning your thought system into a neat graphic or info chart...
* magic metaphysical collaboration

more to come?
request any of these,

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just. ugh. embodying my values, yeah? fuck money. everything I'm gonna offer the world is gonna be free and if people wanna chuck a few bucks at me afterwards I won't say no. but just. doing things For money feels actually gross at this point

a good system proves itself to be true through its practical application
truth cannot be enforced

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inciting people to commit atrocious acts to expose their true selves.

If you analyze anything under a magnifying glass long enough.... it

catches on fire.

testing my game out btw taught me that people are very, very hung-up on being objective, while completely forgetting that they are subjective beings and that anything you say is tinged by your humanity

gotta combine it with a couple concepts from other belief systems but shhh

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turns out, if you break down enough (going as far as returning to the 7 planet system, instead of the 10 planets in use today) it turns into an incredibly logical, symmetric (!), algorithmic system of values, which turns into a customisable map of the soul's development throughout life

the systems you teach and apply transmit your values; this is a simple truth with wide-reaching implications

come up with an astrology keyword system that teaches people values and Then go into all the fun astrology projects

it is midnight, it is my dream anniversary, two years ago on this night I had the prophetic dream that sent me on my way to London

a space without principles requires rules
removing rules can only happen when there are principles

officially going by Sophia now btw
change in social media profiles coming up tomorrow


y'all SOPHIE died this morning when she slipped while trying to get a good view of the moon, this is the Weirdest Timeline

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