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reminder that if anyone's in , we're doing weekly music jams and sessions at our house, and there's plenty of other events coming up (a , , anti-christmas, guided dance...)
message me about any of these if you want to swing by x

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December 2: Poems Against the State 2.1, Canning Town, 7pm-11:30pm. join us in our fairy light covered home, bring your poems, meet my wonderful artist crew and get a hug from me. this event has it all 🖤

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I've settled in so here we go, -!
Darcy, 24 years old, from Germany & currently squatting in London doing art stuff! interested in chaos magic and occultism, weird movies, hedonism, adventure and excitement... goth stuff that makes life interesting basically

current big project: formulating a Bastard Philosophy that combines spirituality with radical love/empathy and creativity & basing a novel off that

euh et je parle francais, plus ou moins, je veux le pratiquer j'suppose 😬

In January, I took the short walk
Down to the Broadway Bridge
Two and a half blocks
When you scrape the ice away
You can read the bridge dedication

Bonjour selfie ec 


actively wanting something is the first step in attaining it?

wanting things means daring to take up space in the world

also been thinking a lot about contrast and nuance...
personal vs impersonal love,
decorative vs practical art,
commercial vs personal,
radical vs subversive...

been thinking about how "because I want to" is often more powerful than "because I don't give a fuck"

I talk so much about myself on here it's ridiculous

listen i can deal with many things, but a kind person I like getting ridiculously, adorably shy when I give 'em affection is Not one of them <3

back from the rave and I'm just like ready to restructure my entire life?

those big-ass matches that feel like a magic wand when u light them

you mfers are hating on santa claus? he's the original twink?

uhhh I wrote "for once in my life I don't Need more love but I Want more" in my journal and no half hour later a friend of a friend who I barely know messages me out of the blue going "you're magnificent!! the best enby!!! I love u" liKE
magic is real motherfuckers

selling an omocat sweater 


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