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doing a zine of essays of spiritual philosophy with a friend, two pieces planned already
- dandelions as an image of the ultimate prison break, widening the cracks in concrete consensus reality until it breaks
- serpents and wavelengths, images of energy and power, intertwined
hmu if you wanna contribute, it's gonna be a short and sweet affair, just something fun to collaborate on x

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are open! for a tenner I'll turn your birth chart into a drawing inspired by mythology, legend, and symbolism. for an extra fiver, I'll include a short story that explains the myth. for another fiver you'll receive both the original drawing & the story in the mail.
this is an experimental project to save up for a new laptop so I can keep writing x
find the order form here:

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FOSSIL ANGELS, written by Alan Moore, the guy who done did V for Vendetta. an essay on his views on magic, how to return it to being The Art, what we need to bring it to life.
Panic Arcadia beckons ✨

Fun fact:
After reading this sentence, you will switch to breathing consciously


the word for 'passion' is Leidenschaft:

Leiden: sorrow, torment, suffering, hurt, affliction, anguish, trouble

-schaft: the shape or form of something

Leidenschaft, that which causes anguish in the heart

I remember joy on Easter last year when rain broke and five of us spontaneously went outside, dancing
oh the ecstasy of living <3

u gonna look down on a song called Maggie's Pancakes? huh, punk? can u even imagine what it's like to be so in love with life that you write a song about the simplest things? I can

the dying out of the ruling class
let Babylon burn

current avenue of research: historic community building thru art, whether that's Greek song culture (imagining stories together), folklore (telling stories together), work songs and shanties (singing together!!)

none of these have equivalents in modern culture, everyone consumes art on their own, making much of art/pop culture miss out on its original purpose - to connect people

fandom is the closest equivalent but it's not enough

guys i figured it out: hell is immoral because it's a system of infinite punishment for finite crimes, so all we have to do to fix it is allow humans to perform
i n f i n i t e
c r i m e s

We tricked sand into thinking for its self, and there's still people out there claiming they "know" computers. Nobody "knows computers" 🙃

Eastern European fairytale movies, like if u agree

Take a song that you hate and make it into a song you like.


practical mythological astrology vs practical esoteric christology figh- KISS!

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