so I've been up since 5 and I've had
* ineffective sham "energy healing" by one of Britain's biggest(?) rainbow hippies
* a very lovely lady going to the shop to get me a hot water bottle (blesss)
* a spider in the bathroom
* discussions about anarchism, community, love, spirituality, conflict resolution, all with the same person <3

and the things that came of it are
* reaffirming that yeah, I am actually serious about my practice, the spiritual side as well as the artistic one
* getting started on an anarchist reading group with people
* my taking responsibility for gathering people to write an artist statement for this place, to bring back focus on what we Actually want to do as a crew

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like fuck. you can't organise 30 people that are as diverse as our crew. but I still feel responsible for getting them to get shit done. so fuck it, I'm gonna do the groundwork. someone has to do it

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❗ so if anyone's got resources/articles on
- (recognising and dismantling) power structures within the leftist scene
- effective communication
- conflict resolution
- structuring of (intentional) communities, from day-to-day living to meetings and decision-making
please do share, I'll do my own research and post what I find

(boosts would be appreciated especially if you're on a scholarly instance 💕)

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> - (recognising and dismantling) power structures within the leftist scene

Made me think of the text "How Can I Be sexist? I’m An anarchist!”

I went looking for it, here it is:

@el_joa ohh thank you that looks like what I'm looking for!

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