are open! for a tenner I'll turn your birth chart into a drawing inspired by mythology, legend, and symbolism. for an extra fiver, I'll include a short story that explains the myth. for another fiver you'll receive both the original drawing & the story in the mail.
this is an experimental project to save up for a new laptop so I can keep writing x
find the order form here:

selfie, no ec, boosts and interactions welcooome 

take me ouuut toniiight I've had an annoying day and I wanna smash shit

this was such a good one, my friends set up the free food table and it was glorious. people loved it, and it's a save spot for your bags, too

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@anarchiv bruh can I just. look at this gorgeous lady. she's got soft slim hands and makes sandwiches all day every day, and she's really good at thieving. number one friend hook-up crush right here

I found the BEST outfit in the freeshop!!
[ic: thin black top with ornaments on the chest that could just as well be hippie or occult; short black flaring skirt with two bold white horizontal stripes; black lace shirt, but worn as a jacket, coming down below the hem of the skirt so it looks Extra Cool]

then yesterday I got out the brainstorming tools and wrote down all the themes I keep coming back to in my journals over the last years, then arranging them into coherency to see connections and patterns, and my quaker witch poet friend said it basically reads like "shamanism, but make it chaos magic"

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my new journal -! 🖤 this was supposed to be a doodle but it turned out really well for freehand lettering yeet
(context: each of my journals has a name, the last one was The Pirate Journals but we're moving on from that)

only three weeks until !! for all those cuties following me (there's gotta be at least one), interested in a party on the 31st? wanna have a spooky chill time with cool creative folks? dress up and come by Canning Town! it's gonna be great 🦇

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