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it is midnight, it is my dream anniversary, two years ago on this night I had the prophetic dream that sent me on my way to London

a space without principles requires rules
removing rules can only happen when there are principles

officially going by Sophia now btw
change in social media profiles coming up tomorrow


y'all SOPHIE died this morning when she slipped while trying to get a good view of the moon, this is the Weirdest Timeline

My favourite religious studies lecturer, Dr Angela Puca, will be holding a Questions & Answers Livestream.
She specialises in modern #paganism, #shamanism, #magick and #witchcraft. Details at

In other news, Mother Nature is still unaffected by what folks think of her

I just broke my friend's brain with my board game, really fucking glad that it's actually working :blob_smirk:

After booting, we break symmetry by
delivering identity and entropy.

my tl is dead anyone got recs for cool people to follow? x

Dolly Parton singing "Ave Maria."

My ears may never hear it, but my heart hears it now.

mornin fediiii ~*
it's a full moon in Leo tonight hope y'all are ready for my power to increase exponentially :3c

casually solving the mystery of the Holy Grail this lovely Wednesday, wyd :3c

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