After all these years, I'm still undecided whether our inclination to have an opinion on basically everything is a strength or a weakness for #freesoftware #opensource.

@bzg opinion: i don't know about *having* opinion, but the constant *sharing* of opinion may be more problematic, in my view
Sharing an opinion without being asked first is not careful of someone's consent to their attention

This problem may be gender-based. Comedian Hannah Gatsby in Nanette makes fun of men "having an opinion" (and sharing it)
Numerous visible females on Twitter report that their mentions are full of men sharing unsollicited opinions/advice

@davidbruant Yes.

While GitHub is experimenting with a new interface for generic discussions, I think it's time to think on how interfaces can help us build less toxic environments for sharing sollicited "opinions" or inputs.

StackOverflow and Quora may have a say about this important topic.

@bzg i agree

I think this topic starts with the acknowledgment that receiving a message is work
Reading, understanding, asking for clarification, rephrasing, sorting through what is meaningful for the project vs for the person is work: emotional and cognitive work

What i would love to see is interfaces that empowers individual and teams to accept this work at their own pace with fine-grain control
Github provides "issues" or "no issues", that's too coarse in my opinion


@bzg A friend we have in common told me about a rule they had in a an improv group
Whenever 2 people started arguing back and forth via email with everyone cc'ed, anyone could ask them to stop and they wouldn't be allowed to further reply unless they had met or spoken on the phone

This is replicable (and automatable and adaptable) for software issues

@bzg not directly, but related to the discussion :
(Well... and also the same link i wanted to share in the spam discussion :-p)

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