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Boundaries thread [EN & FR] 

Good a time as any to remake my boundaries thread. The other one was starting to feel a bit chaotic and disorganised.

C'est le moment de refaire le thread de limites / bon conduite. L'autre commençait à être un chantier sans nom

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C'est l'heure de me présenter (avec 3-4 j de retard mdr)
Salut, moi c'est Camille, j'ai 26 ans et je suis une meuf trans qui vit en Côte-d'Or.

J'adore la musique, les langues étrangères et les jeux retro.

Il se peut que je parle de santé mentale (la mienne, surtout), mais en ce moment, j'ai surtout envie de partager ma joie, parce que j'ai l'impression que ma vie est en train de s'améliorer de ouf.

Je parle français, anglais et un peu russe.

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Time to introduce myself four days late lmao

I'm Camille. I'm a 26-year-old trans woman from France.

I love music, foreign languages and old video games.

I might talk about (my) mental health on this account, but right now I mostly want to share how happy I am, because I feel like my life is going to get a lot better soon.

I speak French, English and a bit of Russian

Alright, I started looking into sewing, but I don't think I'm gonna start for real until next month.


I made two purchases this week that I feel havr significantly improved my quality of life, both under 10€ a piece:
- a yoga mat
- a sleeping mask

Literally, how have I never bought either of these?

Are you:
• lesbian?
• autistic?
• working in tech?

You may be entitled to estrogene!

I am once again wishing all sex work exclusionary "leftists" a very fuck you

Fine, here's my insightful take on manhood:

How to tell if you're a man: Does it make you happy to think of yourself as one? If you're not sure, try it out. Take as much time as you need. Much love to you on this journey.

How to be a man: Think of yourself as one. If you feel safe doing so, tell other people.

How to be a good man: Be a good person while thinking of yourself as a man.

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'do cis people question their gender' is an interesting question and i'd basically argue that thinking about your gender position at all already moves you beyond cisnormativity insofar as that system presents gender as a completely unanalysable given that doesn't admit any kind of complex or nuanced relation


Le saviez-vous ?
Les sites des TER régionaux ne sont pas tous foutus pareil, quand on veut chercher la même information sur le site TER Bourgogne Franche-Comté ou sur le site TER Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, on cherche pas au même endroit / pas avec les mêmes termes, etc.

DU COUP quand on veut faire un site (moche) comme ça :

Alors si vous voulez le partager pour qu’au moins il soit utile ? :)

Hot take: websites/software that don't let you change your username are by design transphobic.

Chrome 🤝 Voyageurs au terminus
«Nous vous demandons de bien vouloir quitter la rame»

language hegemony 

* the idea that a specific, prevalent language is a standard of communication
* that folks who don't use that language, or use a slightly different format of it (accent, dialect, slang, unvoiced) are not as worthy of being heard
* that any language has inherent and general-use value over others (rather than being a tool of communication with specific limits)
* that someone's using a 'wrong' language (or using a language 'wrong')

Update with all viable info.


I'm running from a roommate who turned dangerous in the last 48 hours. I found a place, but it will be $800 to move in. They've thankfully prorated the rent and everything. But, you know, security deposits.

Idk if I'm gonna get my security back from my current living situation, because, you know.

Please help if you can! Ive already gotten some help and I'm so grateful!


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Can't believe yoga is slowly but surely fixing my posture lmao

joke, meds 

Neo, what the fuck are you doing?

Quelles sont de bonnes boutiques de bijoux sur Etsy ? Idéalement localisées en France ?

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