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Boundaries thread [EN & FR] 

Good a time as any to remake my boundaries thread. The other one was starting to feel a bit chaotic and disorganised.

C'est le moment de refaire le thread de limites / bon conduite. L'autre commençait à être un chantier sans nom

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C'est l'heure de me présenter (avec 3-4 j de retard mdr)
Salut, moi c'est Camille, j'ai 26 ans et je suis une meuf trans qui vit en Côte-d'Or.

J'adore la musique, les langues étrangères et les jeux retro.

Il se peut que je parle de santé mentale (la mienne, surtout), mais en ce moment, j'ai surtout envie de partager ma joie, parce que j'ai l'impression que ma vie est en train de s'améliorer de ouf.

Je parle français, anglais et un peu russe.

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Time to introduce myself four days late lmao

I'm Camille. I'm a 26-year-old trans woman from France.

I love music, foreign languages and old video games.

I might talk about (my) mental health on this account, but right now I mostly want to share how happy I am, because I feel like my life is going to get a lot better soon.

I speak French, English and a bit of Russian

I am NOT deleting my account. I'm simply touching grass for a bit. I will be back to this very account in a couple weeks.

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Yeah, so after tonight, it's bye-bye for a while. Just staying this evening to reply to people mainly

I don't give a fuck how many Black authors you've read. I don't give a fuck how much your politics is derived from Black people.
You are simply NOT immune to anti-Blackness. Stop fucking acting like Black people telling you you're spewing bullshit is an existential threat to your existence.

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Okay, no, fuck it. This shit has been on my mind for like... too long. I'm sick and tired of non-Black people who want to appear as though they listen to Black people, but they don't.
It's always "listen to Black people" until we don't see eye to eye with you motherfuckers. It's always allyship until it's inconvenient, until we're too loud, too vocal. Y'all are just so anti-Black it's not even funny. And I fucking hate it

Does anyone have any resources that I could use to learn how to sing? (text, video, or audio, doesn't matter)

I did something I wanted to do for a long time and never had the energy to do before and I trimmed my own hair. I'm very happy with the result!

computer opinion 

hot take but imo when you buy a device you should have full control over what you do with it and what software you install on it. This was normal back in the late 90s and 2000s when I first used computers, but then smartphones became a thing and now it is normal to be in a completely walled garden where you can only use the preinstalled OS and install stuff that the manufacturer says is okay. It's atrocious

Will I ever admit I started listening to a band because I have a crush on one of its members? Yes. Yes I will, actually.

Demain, je me motive à refaire mon vernis. Enfin, on va essayer lol

Block recommendation, transphobia 

Block recommendation : @/ for transphobia (you may want to block the whole instance, didn't checked but it looks like a "free speech" garbage one)


Hellfest, ouest France, pas de description à l'image 

Quand les féministes pointent l'absence d'efficacité du dispositif de prévention des VSS du Hellfest, les "journalistes" de Quotidien ou Ouest France regardent le doigt.

what all cis people need to know:

"cis" is not an acronym. it should not be capitalized like "CIS". it is a Latin prefix meaning "on this side of", like cislunar space, cisalpine Gaul, or cis isomers in chemistry.

please i'm begging you. tell a friend. yours, a trans pedant

Mon père m'a dit que c'est le premier truc qui l'a choqué depuis la retraite : se rendre compte à postériori de la violence que c'etait de devoir tout le temps dormir dans un cadre imposé, et du confort infini de pouvoir se reposer tout les jours comme on en a vraiment besoin.

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enfants, parentalité, positif 

Avant je disais que j'aimais pas les enfants et que j'en voulais pas. Mais maintenant j'aime bien les enfants et j'en veux peut-être


Je sais qu'être trans c'est jamais vraiment facile, mais moi, ça me donne de la force.
Avant ça j'étais malheureuse et pas du tout en phase avec moi-même.

would you rather work…

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