Queer discourse 

I don't think I can do this enough but I have to constantly remind you that it is my most dearly-held belief that queerphobia and racism are interwoven.

Queer discourse 

@deadwitchflying you're right, is the thing. materially, objectively, demonstrably correct

Queer discourse 

@deadwitchflying all bigotry feed into each other, once you start devaluating one human life that is different from you it's easier to get convinced an other group is also something to be against.

Queer discourse 

@sieri true, true. But also this is pride month, so we target the discourse for the season.

Queer discourse 

@deadwitchflying 10000% agree. white supremacy is exactly what ushered in queerphobia. the blatant destructive erasure of queer history all across the globe by white colonists is evident all around us. and for what? some white guys to play king of the hill? vom.

anti-queer ideology and racism 

@deadwitchflying i've observed that while it might sometimes be possible to have a racist who is not a transphobe, it's both logically and practically impossible to have a transphobe who is not also a racist - the deeply-held assumptions about merit and personality through accident of birth have too much in common

but even the "not-transphobe" racists usually have all sorts of godawful stuff going on in their heads about gender roles

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