The whole instance of A user the came into my mentions to speak transphobic garbage and the rules of the instance include racial slurs. Seems like a real shithole worth strenuously avoiding.

@deadwitchflying @benhamill With an anime avatar, too. The Venn Diagram between those things and "terrible poster" on this space is honestly such a perfect circle tthat I usually block these on sight.

@Viktor yeah there's like a perfect circle of like pleroma x anime that I don't wanna touch any of that shit with a ten-foot pole. Also, I don't understand their fascination for Lain, cuz I've never watched it, but it's like everywhere lmao

@deadwitchflying @Viktor I can't exactly blame anyone for making these associations (because the correlation is pretty solid), but can we please judge people for actually bad behaviour?

This instance is certainly bad though, and was suspended from federating with mine already.

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