An empty profile = you're on the hot sit baby

thought this was a really neat redesign of catholic propaganda. art by daggers-drawn on tumblr

after 1 hour plane flight: feel like somebody has been going over my entire body with spiked rolling pins

after 11 hour train ride: feel refreshed. my skin is radiant and my hair is luscious and curly

mild nudity, not explicit 

Getting my brain surgically replaced with a block of cheddar cheese

Would a 'radical self-care' #peertube channel be of interest to you?

i think about this terrible re-imagining of the diprotodon at least 12 times a day

The oldest known mammal species to evolve on Earth was a small shrew-like creature known as Juramaia sinensis which lived about 160 million years ago. Descended testicles are a mammalian trait thought to have been present in the earliest mammal species. So it's quite likely that anything 160 million years old is literally old as balls.

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