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learning is doing one-card readings daily for a week until you burst out in a full on whopping 9-card spread on no specific question and realising it's pretty damn accurate for your life situation

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sea shanties becoming heavily popular 10 months into a pandemic where we are all stuck inside and worried as fuck and things are dangerous and we all wanna engage in cathartic group activities meant to pass the time til u get to ur land loves once more is very much exactly on brand for sea shantiea

Ahhh fedi ur just a big web of funny spiders aren't ya. Love u all 🖤

guys i figured it out: hell is immoral because it's a system of infinite punishment for finite crimes, so all we have to do to fix it is allow humans to perform
i n f i n i t e
c r i m e s

Me, flirting: "you know, I want to perform so much emotional labor for you..."

i just had to remind myself so just in case anyone else needs to hear it

you're not evil, you're not being punished; you are traumatized and it's not your fault

Gay gods, a message for you 

Loki, the mother of monsters, just wanted you to know that there's always a place in xir hall for you. You are treasured, monsters, freaks, goblins, and ghouls. You are loved.
Just watch out for flying sparks. 🔥🐍💀🖤

words I was given 

you are not a monster. you were never a monster. you were a child in need.

posting this big list of black-owned goth brands again because i keep continually coming back to it and it's such a good resource:

Don’t forget, it has been a traumatic year for Black people. White people, how are you going into this new Gregorian year without adding to the problem (and not just writing BLM in your bio🧐)

Reparations for Black Trans survival, Black neuroqueer survival, and funding Black Trauma Healing sessions, @mutualaid

@mirroredlove_ (link in their bio)

I started studying my body as if I were my own muse as a radical act of self love.

a social media platform called "I TALK NOW!" where you log in and are just given a completely random stranger's post to reply on. it doesn't have to be related to their topic. it probably won't be.

and after you post, it gets handed to another complete stranger so they can reply to you. and so on.

the css displays every post as starting with the words "I TALK NOW!"

Oh gosh!
I took a lil' social media snooze there for a minute and it was nice.

I've been reorganizing my website and rediscovering older work, like this little fellow! Hope you're well c:

dew break
coloured pencil on rag paper

just put my first items for sale on my etsy!! you can find hand painted bookmarks and prints on vintage paper 🐃🪶🐻 link:

lewd, orgasm 

I just came so hard i wanted to howl out loud but living with my parents all my life has sort of muted that by default x(

indie, kink 

Is last verse of "Flume" by bon iver a rope bondage reference? "Leaving rope burns, reddish rouge"?

I thought it might be really important to share the work of this artist.

It's Adele Renault and she's a Belgian artist.

He work is breathtaking. She doesn't only do pigeons portraits but also people's portraits.


CW: body horror, incisions on arms, food 

above headquarters:
gardens where state secrets are
encrypted in eggs

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku

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