Official Eevee alignement chart

Flareon is a Bear
Jolteon is a Twink
Vaporeon is Femme
Umbreon is Enbie
Glaceon is Queer
Leafeon is Butch
Sylveon is Trans*
Eevee is Eevee

Ofc none of them is exclusive from the other.

Except Espeon. Espeon is a terf.

@dorothea Why espeon ? Q__Q

I love espeon so much. That can't be !

I'm sure espeon is supportive of all the others. Pokemons can't be terfs, they're too cute and innocent for that :c

@Morgane_lapine gj spoiling my 22 movies redemption arc for Espeon

@dorothea espeon too good to wait for 22 movies.

instead, 22 movies on how they are supportive and build an autonomous village for all pokemon of all kind to live in and be happy.

@Morgane_lapine i'm just saying I never saw Thanos and Espeon in the same room at the same time

@dorothea starting my day with the Eevee EP because of this

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