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[ENG ] Oy! I'm Gob, I study computer science, am an angry anti-capitalist and feminist bog harpy :flag_genderfluid: :flag_pansexual:
In true queer and ND manner, I have many interests, among which are tech, philosophy, art and making ✨

[FR] Oy! Je suis Gob, j'étudie l'info et je suis une terrible harpie des marais anticapitaliste et féministe :flag_genderfluid: :flag_pansexual:
ND et queer, j'ai bien sûr trop d'intérêts (oupsi), genre la tech, la philo, l'art et le making ✨

you absolutely need to check out this adorable 1-minute long animation a friend made, it's so cute and good

Made a little print out of one of my recent illustrations, I had so much fun that I might try to make one every month

I wasn't really satisfied with my sigil carved in the lino so I made a little seal with it out of hardwood instead

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IT, exam rant 

Hhhhhh h i don't want to study entreprise architecture, i just want to fuck, smoke and make arttt

Man, i'm really not good at posting regularly (i'm more present on Telegram tbh) - but here's a fun upcycling project done using my uni's workshop! I used a cricutter to make this cute felt moth appliqué ✨

If some of you want to try this out, i still have the vector file lying around

just a little reminder that I have a patreon where you can sign up to get my art in your mailbox every month!


I'm reading on hyper-heuristics for optimization for my bachelor project, and i love how as soon as we're entering NP-hard problems, all the paper names sound like someone picked them off a hat

I'll take proper pics of said jacket when it's done, but i already love it! I'm also planning on doing either a big back patch, or paint a tarot card :D

Oyy, it's been a while ✨
The past few weeks have been a bit hectic, between the start of the semester and the general state of things... I hope y'all are doing well

I didn't get to craft a lot, but i started to custom an old leather jacket, and i made patches!

"the code is there. take it and do what thou wilt"

the code: an inscrutable tome of interlocking puzzles

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the neverending cycle of wanting to become a mathematician during autumn and winter and wanting to be a botanist/plant ecologist as soon as spring hits

Do you know about our #ConnectingGardens initiative? We send out #OpenSource #Seeds for you to #garden. And get insprired by the lovely messages we receive from people around Europe:

"Thanks so much for your work, really excited about this! \o/ "

"Great initiative! Thank you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

"Glad to find you on Mastodon."

"I already Love the Idea of the project, and would be happy to participate. Thank you! "

Take part, don't be late:

Basketpunk 🏀 On se fait une petite partie ?
(spoiler, ça ne parle pas vraiment de basket)
Et oui, c'est un jeu de mot avec "skate punk", bien sûr

Bonjour le Fédiverse !

Après quinze ans d’expérimentations, de concentration et de joyeux travail, le roman de Subtil Béton sort en librairie !

✨ Le jeudi 20 janvier 2022 ✨

En attendant de l'avoir en main, voici la couverture :mtgR:

I made this drawing for 'Klein wonen magazine' for their 'Youtopia' section. Here they interview a prominent figure that describes their personal utopia. In this case, climate change adapted landscapes, which creates a biome similar as in the Eemien epoch. A network of forest gardens, organically grown architecture and technology based on biomimicry. Drawing was made with pen and coloring was done in #Krita.

#kritaart #utopia #architecture #organic #futuristic #SciFi

today is a day of FUN HATS

neg, covid 

Ughhghghhghfhg i tested fucking positive againnnn i'm crying

It's been a fucking week of quarantine already

I'm probably gonna miss an exam because of this, even though i was boosted, FML

gawsh i don't know if i'll ever figure out this whole human relationship thing

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