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[ENG ] Oy! I'm Gob, I study computer science, am an angry anti-capitalist and feminist bog harpy :flag_genderfluid: :flag_pansexual:
In true queer and ND manner, I have many interests, among which are tech, philosophy, art and making ✨

[FR] Oy! Je suis Gob, j'étudie l'info et je suis une terrible harpie des marais anticapitaliste et féministe :flag_genderfluid: :flag_pansexual:
ND et queer, j'ai bien sûr trop d'intérêts (oupsi), genre la tech, la philo, l'art et le making ✨

Here's a of a casual painting inspired by slavic folklore. Marzanna or Morana is the goddess of death and rebirth, and it's a antediluvian tradition to burn and/or drown her wheat effigy to allow for the new year to come... I find it so funny how so many European traditions always require to burn stuff :^)

The idea was to contrast the joyful themes of wild flowers, fertility, with an ominous sense of dread - and i'm really happy of it's flow ✨

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wet poss

Did some more Sashiko :)
This one is the new panel.
I want this one leg to be fully filled with this...

every day I compare myself to people way ahead of me at everything ever

@Vierkantor @categorille ok i need a break from studying, so i raise you:



My most recent piece ‘An Féar Gortach’ / The Hungry Grass based on the old Irish folklore. A cursed patch of grass, that caused an insatiable sense of hunger and weariness upon anyone who walked over it. Some folk took small pieces of bread in their pockets in case they stood on the hungry grass. #irishfolklore #folklore #irishart #irishartist #illustration #folkhorror #irishillustrator

Apollonia Saintclair 1035 – 20210710 La boîte à sortilèges (The spellbox)


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the nonbinary urge to cause unspeakable chaos

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i'm learning a lot of technical skills that are usually used for capitalist, neo-colonialist, and/or white supremacist ends. a big obstacle for me is wriggling out of the mind-numbingly boring and oppressive norms around how the technical skills i've learned are usually used. tech has overwhelmingly strengthened oppression instead of creatively breaking it, and i hope my imagination comes back now that i'm not as dissociated all the time

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Weird how many “green” actions are just women washing more stuff (period underwear, silicone baggies, reusable straws) instead of like shutting down the fossil fuel industry or something

idk who needs to hear this but don’t beat yourself up over every aborted personal project you’ll never pick up again because you don’t have the energy

you did something (initially) fun, you’ve learned a thing or two, the experience is valuable, and you’ve gained another topic for conversations. you’ve put your time to good use.

Hey zine people: This is a PSA that if you want to make your content accessible both online and in print, you need multiple versions:
--An imposed PDF for printing
--A regular PDF for digital viewing
--A text/html version for people who use screen readers, and easier republishing

I think people often forget that Artificial Intelligence is still just a human-defined algorithm, just like a much fancier and bigger markov chain

in the end, it's still just taking training data picked by humans, doing a fuckton of multiplications and eventually giving back a result that has some probability of being similar to what a human would do

the inputs can easily be wrong or biased, but it's not artificial intelligence, it can't make a conscious decision to disagree with the inputs

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