Signal and Telegram "secret groups" are nice way to communicate while not being monitored, just saying for those that it could become useful in the upcoming days...

Don't say shit on here or on Twitter/FB/Whatsapp/... 🙂

Also, Fun fact: In the USA, you cannot be forced to reveal password BUT you can be forced to unlock phone using fingerprint/face ID, if for any reason this could apply to you, I encourage you to disable both way and just rely on a good old password instead!

@emily9121 If you want biometrics on, on iPhones that don’t have a home button, press and hold the sleep/wake button along with one of the volume buttons until you feel the phone vibrate to disable biometric unlock until you enter your passcode. On iPhones with a home button, click the sleep/wake button five times quickly instead. You can do this with your hand in your pocket if needed. For full deniability, click the sleep button once after to dismiss the confirmation screen.

@alex @emily9121 Not quite as quick and easy as on iOS, but on Android 9 and later, you can enable a "Lockdown" option to appear when you hold the power button.

The easiest way to enable it is to tap "Settings" and then search for "Lockdown" in your settings, and then toggle the "Show lockdown option." Now, when you hold the power button, it will let you turn off biometric unlocking and lock screen notifications with just one tap. You can't do it in your pocket, but it's very fast.

@emily9121 This isn’t a foolproof solution, but at least on iOS you can quickly lock down your phone. There are shortcuts for it, I believe the common one is to hold the power button for a few seconds.

This will disable biometric identification, and the phone won’t re-enable it until your passphrase/pin has been entered.

@maddiefuzz The thing with all those ways tho is that they require you to have access to the device before it getting into bad hands, if thing goes real bad it might not be possible!

@emily9121 on iOS, if you trigger the power off screen, iOS will always force you to enter your passcode to login before it will accept Touch/Face ID to login again.

@emily9121 For this reason it's also good to learn the tricks that disable fingerprint authentication.

For example, put the wrong finger on the fingerprint reader of your phone a few times (for example discreetly while it's in your pocket) and it will lock the fingerprint reader and require the passcode.

Or on iOS at least (don't know others), open and close the poweroff menu and it will require the code next time.

@emily9121 It's worth noting you have to be careful even on those - Signal has featured significantly in FBI evidence used against the US Jan 6 insurrection,

@emily9121 This is, however, your regular reminder that Telegram group chats cannot have end-to-end encryption enabled. (Signal groups have it and you can't even turn it off there.)

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