Today I turned the OCaml runtime into a sequencer to be plugged in your midi compatible synthesizer, this was a very productive CCC day. Next day comes the drum track.

First day on the new job, back to OCaml shenanigans.

Meanwhile I can’t wait to give a try at pickling eggs. Pickling anything actually, pickles are amazing. I need a jar.

food, alcohol, cooking 

Always related, Raymond Oliver’s crepes:

I still need to try these at some point.

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food, alcohol, cooking 

I sometimes get lost in the manly man cooking section of the Internet. And it’s always a lot of fun.

“STEAKS and ALCOHOL”, saying that out loud gives you ten manly man points.

(Also, as a French person, uh... the answer is as obvious as “is SALT on ANYTHING GOOD?” :D)

CAT1: Kitty temperature above threshold, kitty clock throttled

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$ solo5-hvt --net:service=tap0 --net:management=tap10 -- network.hvt --ipv4= --management-ipv4=
2019-07-10 17:06:14 -00:00: INF [application] service new tcp connection from IP on port 10142
2019-07-10 17:06:15 -00:00: INF [application] service read: 8 bytes:
2019-07-10 17:06:35 -00:00: INF [application] management new tcp connection from IP on port 63638

we now have multiple network device support in solo5 and #MirageOS \o/ :D :D

Wait “sinking time” isn’t valid English or is it?

My English is getting worse and worse by the month I swear.

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Sinking time on the latest Atelier release, living the dream, craving Mont Blanc now.

Installing Sonic Pi may have been a terrible mistake

Composing pictures is hard. Took this one in Osaka port, pretty colorful, but slightly unhappy with all the lines.

I’m my NotGeo series I present to you:

Two ducks.

Again a masterpiece.

Provably terminating food is likely the next big diet trend

Glad my brain didn’t surrender yet this decidedly un-modern experience of not having constant and immediate feedback on how much you are failing at things.

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*receives the scan for my first ever roll of film photography*
At least the camera works uh. Can only improve from there.

Reviewing the hundreds of cat pictures from yesterday, some serious NotGeo content in there

I'm actually looking forward profiling it and having some fun fiddling with OCaml code performance tweaking.

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