It seems like the actual format sold around most of the world actually, eh.
I'm used to the good old bundle of leaves and herbs sold in France I guess

On the list of “things you can buy in a Japanese supermarket and you are not sure if you ever needed that but that’s pretty rad”,

I was thinking about making a nice beef stew for tonight but was “oh dang pretty sure getting a full bouquet garni here will be a mess”.

And turns out you can find bouquet garni in teabag format.

Maybe worth trying in a tisane :thonking:

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also sick of webbrowsers? that's why I spent today on some Emacs Lisp code to highlight #OCaml code coverage data (from bisect_ppx) in Emacs (including the overall percent in the modeline)

On a related note, here’s a calico flavored cat I know, she’s a fine cat

On an insightful note from my girlfriend’s boyfriend, it appears in Japanese, calico cat is “Mike Cat”, which you write 三毛猫, with 三毛 as the kanjis meaning “three fur”, which is pretty cool I must say.

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and there's another security advisory for #MirageOS (Xen only). I'm really glad we find these bugs, fix them and document them! and it turns out, sharing memory is hard. maybe better not to do it ;)

Cartridges are so cool though, they can hold pretty much anything.

Like, let’s say, a raspberry pi and a SNES emulator, allowing you to run SNES games on the NES.

Just read about the sheer amount of memory mappers seen in the wild in NES cartridges. Uh.

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The Monogatari series soundtrack is so good, too bad I’m still too lazy to rewatch any of it

I’ll have to break it to you dog friend but I’m afraid this is 1) extremely unsafe, 2) not how you drive a car, 3) definitely not from the passenger seat.

But you go, friend, better luck next time.

finally something exciting for once, the Great Labrador from above has been kind with me

Now that I'm done fixing everything I didn't had to fix and implement, I can finally get back to actually fixing bugs and, maybe even make something run on it.

(yes the cat is animated and single stepping causes it to move and say different things)

Field report: instant preparation for mapo tofu.

Mapo tofu is so great. Sichuan cuisine is easily my favorite food thing ever.

Some people know about my problem with orientating myself in the outside, little do they know I'm not better with computers

I still have no solution to the problem where any amount of frustration when coding during the day wrecks any ability I have to enjoy anything though.

It also kind of matches perfectly my lack of any space awareness within a city, I just get lost super easily, turns out I can make a use of this brain feature

I think taking a hobby like photography is kind of exhilarating. I’m not very good at it, but taking a good shot is most often than not a perpetual trial and error process, so it feels natural to sometime come back slightly disappointed, without any “good” picture. It’s like, alright.

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