Now that I'm done fixing everything I didn't had to fix and implement, I can finally get back to actually fixing bugs and, maybe even make something run on it.

(yes the cat is animated and single stepping causes it to move and say different things)

@engil I've been telling everyone about this ASCII cat; I want this feature in every debugger

@yomimono not pictured: the eye glows red on breakpoint.

@engil This is.


Cute and amazing at the same time <3

@eleos \o/

i am very inspired when improving anything *but* the core logic, I’d call it a staple of any future UI work I may do.

@engil Is it indeed radare2 with some customization ?

No, it's a Gameboy emulator I've been writing for a while, this is the debugger interface written with a pretty cool library called Notty. (mostly trying to emulator BGB's debugger interface and throwing some cats in there :blob_cat_peek: )

I think someone else mentioned radare2, I didn't look it up last time but now I just did and it looks amazing! I have now found some new cool ideas, thanks!

@engil Do you have some repo / articles that talks about this awesome project ? I would love to read some stuff you do.

@eleos I'm still too terribly ashamed of some bits of the code to share it, I will do my best to publish it in the next few days in a slightly better state!

@engil No problem ! (I found writing just some smalls articles with screenshot helps with self confidence).
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