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I'm actually looking forward profiling it and having some fun fiddling with OCaml code performance tweaking.

Tbh this may very well be the ugliest OCaml code I've written in a decade, it's a pile of terrible half pure half imperative code sitting atop the mountain of my inexperience in writing any kind of emulator.
Quite a fun ride, though

Took some time to finally complete my SDL frontend, will optimize the terminal one... one day.
Tobu tobu girl runs now, fixing some bank switching issues and refactoring some code and I may have motivation to publish code!

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Fixed my MBC1 implementation (I shall one day rewrite it to not use records to emulate bad OOP), now can test more games and be inspired by the fact that nothing really works outside of Tetris.
Here's my latest attempt at making Tobu Tobu Girl run.
(At least it's kind of cool to look at, give me more of that glitchy aesthetic.)

We almost stepped on this little thing yesterday, sadly no scale provided, but think “smol”.

Finally managed to get back into coding some more needless things
Tetris now run just fine and is fully playable, albeit the framerate is not exciting (but I can tweak a few things in how I render with Notty).
Also I just understood I could cheat however I please, so there's that.

It seems like the actual format sold around most of the world actually, eh.
I'm used to the good old bundle of leaves and herbs sold in France I guess

On the list of “things you can buy in a Japanese supermarket and you are not sure if you ever needed that but that’s pretty rad”,

I was thinking about making a nice beef stew for tonight but was “oh dang pretty sure getting a full bouquet garni here will be a mess”.

And turns out you can find bouquet garni in teabag format.

Maybe worth trying in a tisane :thonking:

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also sick of webbrowsers? that's why I spent today on some Emacs Lisp code to highlight #OCaml code coverage data (from bisect_ppx) in Emacs (including the overall percent in the modeline)

@yomimono “auto petting” is a glorious term, thank you very much.

@eleos I'm still too terribly ashamed of some bits of the code to share it, I will do my best to publish it in the next few days in a slightly better state!

No, it's a Gameboy emulator I've been writing for a while, this is the debugger interface written with a pretty cool library called Notty. (mostly trying to emulator BGB's debugger interface and throwing some cats in there :blob_cat_peek: )

I think someone else mentioned radare2, I didn't look it up last time but now I just did and it looks amazing! I have now found some new cool ideas, thanks!

@eleos \o/

i am very inspired when improving anything *but* the core logic, I’d call it a staple of any future UI work I may do.

@Kensan (also in singapore there was this one place selling Mapo tofu mazesoba and it was glorious)

@Kensan lucky! I never made some myself, I plan to try at some point :)

On a related note, here’s a calico flavored cat I know, she’s a fine cat

On an insightful note from my girlfriend’s boyfriend, it appears in Japanese, calico cat is “Mike Cat”, which you write 三毛猫, with 三毛 as the kanjis meaning “three fur”, which is pretty cool I must say.

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