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Project Gutenberg english-language plain text files archived on IPFS:

I could use some help with this!

Currently, my IPFS daemon is taking literally 60% of my CPU because people are browsing it. So, please pin some (or all) of these hashes!

I am fetching from various gateways in order to get their caches to take the load, but some gateways don't cache.

The list itself is mirrored on IPFS:

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Hey since this is blowing up let me remind all of you that I literally wrote a book on this & related subjects.

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Random link from the archives: "Vampires and Vampire-Hunting: Notes on the Sharp End of the Blogosphere – xenogothic" originally retrieved Mon Feb 24 13:55:36 EST 2020

Random link from the archives: "Convivial Computing Salon 2020 - ‹Programming› 2020" originally retrieved Fri Oct 18 10:51:47 EDT 2019

Random link from the archives: "Linus Torvalds Shows His New Polite Side While Pointing Out Bad Kernel Code - Phoronix" originally retrieved Mon Oct 29 08:56:39 EDT 2018

the hyperobject at the end of history has been here since 2012 but isn't evenly distributed yet

it would probably be a very potent magickal act to jake UFO researchers, since they are already so plugged into the synchromatrix. dangerous and hard to control, though -- just look at what happened when Lord Omar jaked Jim Garisson, who was similarly plugged in.

Random link from the archives: "An enormous presence, like the shimmer of heat in air | Aeon Essays" originally retrieved Mon Feb 11 11:52:55 EST 2019

Random link from the archives: "Building A "Simple" Distributed System - Formal Verification — Jack Vanlightly" originally retrieved Wed Jan 30 08:46:23 EST 2019

Random link from the archives: "Powerline Networking History: Now You’re Playing With Power" originally retrieved Thu Jun 4 10:07:19 EDT 2020

Random link from the archives: "New Media and the Recurring Crisis of Norms | L.M. Sacasas" originally retrieved Sun Jan 27 11:58:22 EST 2019

How "BIPP" Unveiled Sophie's Vision of Future Pop | New British Canon - YouTube

The Jiggle Physics Manifesto | An alien's response to @The Game Theorists Best B**bs in Gaming - YouTube

The Disaster That Almost Ruined Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and The Coen Brothers - YouTube

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