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Project Gutenberg english-language plain text files archived on IPFS:

I could use some help with this!

Currently, my IPFS daemon is taking literally 60% of my CPU because people are browsing it. So, please pin some (or all) of these hashes!

I am fetching from various gateways in order to get their caches to take the load, but some gateways don't cache.

The list itself is mirrored on IPFS:

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Hey since this is blowing up let me remind all of you that I literally wrote a book on this & related subjects.

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@enkiv2 @Shamar in fact, to me, the chief failing of that page-as-information-browser architecture we've arrived at is that most pages only view content from a single host. the site hosts it's browser, but that browser only can operate in the confines of the host. a silly limitation.

Stiching together Narrative, Sexuality, Self: Shelley Jackson's "Patchwork Girl"

@enkiv2 basically the core unspoken thing here is "every button is labelled that"

@enkiv2 aye, though the point was more about how people are generally very bad at evaluating the risk of taking any arbitrary action with a complex system nobody fully understands (and more specifically that often the bad action is completely indistinguishable from a good action unless and sometimes even if you're an expert in interfacing with the specific software you take it in)

Random link from the archives: "The Ideology of Apocalypse (feat. Fallout New Vegas, Mad Max, Gurren Lagann & more) | Jack Saint - YouTube" originally retrieved Sat Aug 1 21:24:30 EDT 2020

@fennecs the ground that modern computers are built on is colonial warfare and resource extraction but if you try to tell this to a "computer architect" they chuckle nervously and keep looking around for the thing they can plot on an exponential graph

the real long-term solution to many technical issues in infosec is "redesigning computers from ground up", but fortunately that's very easy compared to the other, less technical kind of problems where the solution is to somehow convince people to stop clicking on the button labelled "install ransomware on the whole network" every day

fuck purpose. the great and glorious project of man is how to live well despite the impossibility of purpose

Random link from the archives: "GitHub - marcpaq/b1fipl: A Bestiary of Single-File Implementations of Programming Languages" originally retrieved Thu Feb 13 09:13:56 EST 2020

Random link from the archives: "Malaysia Has Good Ghosts, Bad Ghosts, and Gremlin-Babies That Will Steal Your Stuff - Atlas Obscura" originally retrieved Wed Oct 30 09:13:35 EDT 2019

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