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My game, Manna for our Malices, is part of this package. But, let's be real -- it's not going to be the reason you get it.

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Entries are OPEN for the 2020 No-Budget Film Contest. They close July 4th. Enter your cheapie films and make my quarantine less boring.

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Hey since this is blowing up let me remind all of you that I literally wrote a book on this & related subjects.

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@libc @enkiv2

(One of the important bits still missing, I think, being the functional-reactive live data stream equivalent of 'tail recursion'. Eg: if a data stream adds a new version but nobody has observed the old version, it should be safe to optimise that as a mutate in place. Under what circumstances can a system automatically substitute a mutate for a create? It feels like a very similar problem to tail recursion elimination for code, but for data. We should probably have this.)

@libc @enkiv2

Also, I kind of wish someone would take good old database CRUD semantics and give us a formalised persistent/pure-functional/non-destructive-update variant of that, so we could think through the semantics of distributed objects run over append-only-log stores and the like. Which I once thought REST was aspiring to be, but now I don't think REST stands for anything anymore.

@libc @enkiv2

One of the many sadnesses I have about Windows is that there's the filesystem, and then there's the registry, which for some reason isn't a filesystem, and then there's... whatever in heck it is that File Explorer browses, which is not quite the filesystem and not quite not, because it has things like 'Libraries' which have no filesystem representation.

it's just layers and layers of never completely finished almost-filesystem-like-objects, which obscure each other.

@grainloom @enkiv2 Though, to be fair to QNX, as GUI architectures go, it *WAS* a novel architecture.

I abhor software patents because of how trivially they're abused; but, I gotta hand it to QNX that their GUI architecture (Photon MicroGUI) was at the time the most worthy of one.

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