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Hey since this is blowing up let me remind all of you that I literally wrote a book on this & related subjects.

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Commercials To Cringe By : Jack Fox : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Band name of the day: the house select committee

Band name of the day: intercontinental penetration force

The other thing that came to mind was the internet, but that was more of a slow process, so while it eventually touched every corner of the planet and connected us, it was not perceived as simultaneously as this.

One could make a similar case about climate change.

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Is this the first time in history that the entire world is experiencing something together?

The closest I can imagine would be WW2 but I imagine entire communities in countries not directly involved were mostly watching it unfold passively.

And his co-author, Jerry Rubin, went on to become a commodities broker and Capitalist apologist. This is what I am continuing to see. People either commit half-heartedly and quit or get defeated and join the thundering herd once more.
Yes, I did the same thing, but I did wake up again and walk away.

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