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Project Gutenberg english-language plain text files archived on IPFS:

I could use some help with this!

Currently, my IPFS daemon is taking literally 60% of my CPU because people are browsing it. So, please pin some (or all) of these hashes!

I am fetching from various gateways in order to get their caches to take the load, but some gateways don't cache.

The list itself is mirrored on IPFS:

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Hey since this is blowing up let me remind all of you that I literally wrote a book on this & related subjects.

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Don't get me wrong, technology can make the world better, can make lives better.

It can also make the world worse and make lives worse.

It multiplies force.

You can't solve social problems with technology.

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When I talk about our long range wireless, mesh networked, BBS research, it is hard for me to be empathetic to someone who responds "oh, yeah, hard to censor something like that."

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It occurs to me that when the frozen peach brigade talks about freedom from censorship, what they want is freedom from moderation, and occasionally freedom from consequence.

They've never been censored. They don't know what that might look like.

Censor my ass, be a kind human being.

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The code is on github at

and it's in the Debian and Ubuntu package repositories as 'sucrose'. So it's absolutely available to use and hack on.

@bnys @mathew oh sure. It was a deeply flawed project, but it could have become something worthwhile if they hadn't been so aggressively target by MS.

@mathew @ajroach42 not saying it was without any merit but the idea and reality were far, far out of sync and the leaders of the project seemingly did not care much...they had way more work to do if they were going to make olpc truly inclusive instead of being a kind of technocolonial pursuit.

@mathew @ajroach42 there was enough sabotage from inside olpc.... highly recommend "the charisma machine" if you want to learn how misguided the project was as a whole

@ajroach42 The way Intel and Microsoft set out to destroy the OLPC is one of their evils which doesn't get remembered enough.

@ajroach42 I feel like Sugar was something of a victim the OLPC project's lack of consistent vision.

The XO-2 being canceled for the XO-3 which was canceled for the XO-4 and a rebadged Android tablet. The constant flirting with shipping of windows, etc, etc.

A lot of early steam and good will was lost there.

@ajroach42 ok, so I didn't stumble into something else from what you were looking for. I'll need to take a few closer looks at it.

Gotta say, that pie menu to switch applications looked nice.


Seems mostly to me a problem of not having enough designers called in for discussing "what we want to do" and open source projects ripping of the design decisions of privateering software because they're not even aware that these were design decisions...

(ping @maiwann)

@ajroach42 This is very true of open source (and very limiting). It seems to be the result of proprietary software being the dominant mode for too long and conditioning people's thinking also outside its perimeter.

One powerful factor that should eventually turn things around is the sheer size of possibilities arising from the combinatorial explosion of interoperable / open systems and standards.

@ajroach42 A lot of FOSS is driven by cheapskates who are moved by the monetary value of free rather then the idea of free.

Also, computing doesn’t teach it’s history or try to build off of it.

@ajroach42 e.g. What if I told you that a web browser doesn't need visual output?

That's often a stumbling block when discussing my efforts with others, yet not exploring this is underserving richtext's versatility...

@enkiv2 @ajroach42 @penguin42

British Telecom used to have a few interesting "skunkwork" style projects well the 2000s (their research centre is in my district), nowadays the place seems to be largely empty other than very lean teams working on various "cybersecurity" projects and monitoring overall infrastructure performance (in other words surveillance of the UK's Internet) - no one is allowed to talk about /exactly/ what they are doing, and they are generally paid well enough to keep quiet.

@enkiv2 @penguin42 it's also like that in science fiction, lots of major Publications, and especially radio shows, we're just funded by the CIA. They have since made this clear. They did this all so that it looked like capitalism was more creative than communism.

@enkiv2 People who can code don't just work for companies, they expect to be paid more than anyone should reasonably expect.

I'm sure a small company could sustain itself making and selling weird open source software, and pay some living wages, but we're never going to make a fortune at it.

@ajroach42 i saw a terminal editor that was a linear real-time editor. You would do small 'takes' until you were happy with one and move onto the next. I forget what it was called. It was optimized for remote conference presentations and videos.

@ajroach42 90% of the video-editing I do is "chopping clips shorter, then smashing them together" (with titles between, sometimes, if I'm feeling fancy).
This is like "trip report" type of stuff, like you've got a bunch of video-clips from some adventure ... so something that let me "select the next clip, shorten / chop / split it, put it on the end" would be amazing.
(...and for me personally, the clips will be sorted in a directory somewhere so like "edit_video *.mp4" or so to start :)

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