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Hey since this is blowing up let me remind all of you that I literally wrote a book on this & related subjects.

“Global consciousness is that thing that decided that decaffeinated coffee pots should be orange.”

— Computer scientist Danny Hill

@enkiv2 best line:

I asked Neumann what his superpower is. “Change,” he said. “I think it’s the best superpower to have.” He then asked if I had seen the TV show Heroes. “There was one [character] that was very strong,” he said. “He had the ability to have all superpowers.” Neumann neglected to mention that this was the show’s villain: a serial killer who murdered people to get their powers.

So, the hacked Radiohead minidisk release is 18 hours of demo/b-side stuff from OK Computer, Kid A, & Amnesiac, including some stuff that only got a studio release with A Moon-Shaped Pool. Includes cheesy early lyrics for Crawling Up The Walls. 11/10

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