@enkiv2 This is so cool! I didn't VCF was a thing and it's amazing (。♥‿♥。).
Thank you a lot for sharing!

@enkiv2 Yeah, there's some seriously neat stuff here.

@envgen @enkiv2

Elle est Française.. (a clone of a basic Tandy computer that ended up being better featured and more popular than the original)


if you read French, even better info here


@enkiv2 ooooh, I follow that person on Tumblr, they post some cool retro stuff:

@enkiv2 This looks awesome! Where is this? Any specs/links?

@enkiv2 I love the boxes of Cactus Candy on the side 🌵

@enkiv2 FWIW I'm back at the Lisa booth if you want to meet up

@enkiv2 Ooo, I've wanted to see more non-promotional shots of the Alice! Thank you!

@enkiv2 I just remember liking some of the original colorful marketing for the Alice, which was a French clone of the TRS-80 MC-10 entry level computer. The artwork (plus the tv show Clarissa Explains It All) shaped my perceptions of what a typical computer programmer looked like.

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