semantic web take 

semantic web take 

@enkiv2 This is interesting!

<< RDF was originally conceived of as a tool for modeling metadata and was partly based on earlier attempts by Ramanathan Guha, an Apple engineer, to develop a metadata system for files stored on Apple computers.8 The Semantic Web working groups at W3C repurposed RDF to represent arbitrary kinds of general knowledge. >>

@enkiv2 Nothing, it's experiencing healthy growth!

Have you seen the diagrams showing how the Semantic Web is growing year by year?

So is the number of lines of COBOL in service at banking institutions.

@enkiv2 Great artical though! Even if I view it's title as hyperbole, not that everyone does.

@enkiv2 A few years back I saw an interesting impromptu debate at an AI conference between Tim Berners-Lee and Peter Norvig, CTO of Google's search quality (and AI expert... he wrote the book). It was interesting, and suggested that detailed in this article.

@enkiv2 The missing part of this article is the semantic web's life in the academic/research/GLAM space, where it's definitely alive. There's a subculture of semantic-web hucksters in this space, too, and a corresponding backlash against them. You don't mention RDF in certain circles because of this.

(My current work project is based around using JSON-LD and to describe research datasets: the draft spec is here

@enkiv2 p.s. look up "RDF and ordered lists", if you feel like laughing or crying or tearing your hair out

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