Hot take: like most things that are good, Cowboy Bebop is mostly good because they stopped making it before it became bad. (If you don't believe me, watch the movie or read the tie-in manga.)

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@somem The movie is like if you took the worst, most self-serious episode of the show and stretched it out 4x with uninteresting superfluous action scenes. It's only compelling in that it reminds viewers of the show, which they liked better; it retains, however, none of the artistry of the original, and none of the subtlety either.

@somem Yes. And, the train scene was a long, disappointing action scene with none of the energy of the original show and none of the thematic relevance that marked the original show's fights.

@enkiv2 eh I just watched it again and it's not God's gift to creation. the whole movie lacks emotional weight compared to the show and feels disconnected, im not putting it on any "top anime movies" list. I also say this all from the perspective of agreeing that beebop is good because they stopped before it got bad, I just also enjoyed the movie.

@enkiv2 100% agreement, in general and in specific.

This is why I'm glad Watanabe didn't try to "redo" it later. Champloo is its own thing, only similar in that it also mashes setting and music-style together. (And the less said about Dandy the better.)

@greyduck I liked Dandy quite a bit, but it definitely wasn't Bebop (and a lot of the disappointment that surrounded it was from folks who thought it was trying to be). Bebop's episodic nature was related to the thesis -- about how fixating on the past prevents growth & appreciation of the present -- while Dandy's episodic nature was literally a science fiction thing related to a plot mcguffin.

@enkiv2 I bounced off of Dandy, but that's not me saying it's bad, just that it's not-for-me. All I expected was 'something different', though, thanks to Champloo and Bebop being so little actually alike.

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