1) don't confuse 'the internet' with 'the web'; 2) don't confuse 'the web' with 'social media'; 3) don't confuse 'social media' with 'corporate social media'

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@enkiv2 unless you live in a territory affected by, in which case facebook really is the internet

If you live in a territory affected by and you aren't particularly wealthy, you simply don't have access to the internet.

@enkiv2 4) don't confuse 'the fediverse' with 'mastodon'

(people will get mad at you)

I mean, they will, but you won't be *wrong* in the same way as these other confusions.

1) don't confuse 'the internet' with 'google';
2) don't confuse 'google' with 'web browsers'.

1) don't confuse 'linux' with 'operating systems';
2) don't confuse 'GNU' with 'linux'.

1) don't confuse 'Mastodon's welcome page timeline' with 'the local timeline';
2) don't confuse 'Mastodon' with 'the fediverse'.

@enkiv2 wait how is "the web" different than "the internet" ?

@NLS @enkiv2 The Internet has plenty of other services besides the Web. There's DNS (which just about everything else depends on), Gopher, IRC, SSH, NTP, and XMPP, to name a few.

What's commonly called "the Web" is HTTP.

@ND3JR @enkiv2 oooh wow i had no idea! thanks for informing :)

@NLS @enkiv2 You're welcome! I know most people don't know about anything but the Web because we techies have done a good job of masking everything behind the Web. For example, you may use a web browser to access your email but the mail server is using SMTP to transfer it to other servers. All that happens behind the scenes so you don't have to deal with SMTP, only your mail provider's web site.

@ND3JR @enkiv2 techies (the ones that aren't capitalist) are the real heroes


I personally do not see corporate 'social media' as actual social media, it does not encourage sociability, just ill feelings, trolling, advertising, the desire to 'go viral' rather than necessarily say or do something meaningful, it's run by faceless algorithms which shape its users how its owners want.

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