@enkiv2 I don't want to start a blog. I've already had one for *mumble* years...

@greyduck @enkiv2 Start it again and claim a grand re-opening sale? ;)

@vertigo @enkiv2 Ha!

I've actually had more content this past year than in, er, quite a few years prior. Go me!

@enkiv2 @jalcine Heck yes. I will be going hard on mine this year.

@enkiv2 I revived mine a month ago and have been having a great time with it.

@enkiv2 I have two, technically, and both started out great and then kind of fizzled. Heh.

@vertigo I have several defunct ones on blogger & an active one on medium, but that's probably not what he's trying to emphasize. (Medium's been good for me because in terms of both views & monetization it beats the pants off other platforms, & it's straightforward to download & rehost all your posts, so my medium-backup dir is essential a static blog.)

@vertigo Specifically: my medium posts got about 11k views in the past month, and those 11k views made me $43. In comparison, I had 3 active blogs with ads on, multiple posts a month for years, and I never cracked 1k views a month. My adsense account has contained <$9 since 2006, and >$8 of that comes from a discussion forum I ran for ~2 months in 2006.

@enkiv2 Nothing I write about ever could garner that many views, especially consistently.

@vertigo You think? My most popular post is about the history of spam, and my second most popular post is a rant about the original Macintosh.

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