🤣 tech bros' highly-rated answers on Orange Site to “What overlooked class of tools should a self-taught programmer look into?”


1 message queues, Zeromq &c.
2 Makefiles
3 profilers
4 SQL, query plans, ACID
5 Graph search/traversal
6 Sequential Bayesian filters
7 Unit testing, mocking
8 Dtrace &c
9 Shell scripting text processing
10 Property based testing
11 Prolog
12 Awk
13 Chord/DHT
14 Formal methods, type & category theory
15 Vim/emacs

I laughed and laughed!



Woah, my answers made it into the top 20?

@enkiv2 ¡Cool! Which were your answers? You don't have to tell if you want to preserve your privacy :) I'd like to pick your brain about any of these.

@22 @enkiv2
DHT/Chord, prolog, shell tools. (None of these are taught in college CS programs either, usually.)

@enkiv2 Ah I see I should have checked the username :)

The old timers in the office were like "Prolog! AI class!" but bitch please, as if any modern AI class will bother with that old-school AI trash instead of shiny TensorFlow/&c. juice.

But these were great suggestions! I'm going to see if I can solve some problems with awk or find some awk katas, I need better text fu.

I've not studied Prolog, only Datalog/DataScript/Datomic but these were cool!

DHT/Dat/IPFS/SSB—very important!


@enkiv2 yesterday I had a Markdown file with some header lines plus other content, and another file with just the headers but slightly modified, and I wanted a one-liner to replace each header in the first file with the appropriate line in the second file.

Wound up doing it in JS, three-ish lines, but had to paste the file into browser, etc.

I remember thinking, “I wonder if awk is the thing here” since my usual shell scripting tricks didn’t seem to be up to the task.

Reading about awk now👩‍🎤

@enkiv2 Also whoa you found my comment about the thread and recognized my quoting you and connected with me! Thanks! That's very awesome!

@22 @enkiv2
I didn't search for it or anything. A reply to your toot was boosted into my feed or something.

@enkiv2 Right, what a demonstration of small world networks!

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