Possible future fern feature: "hide seen toots". I'm finding that, sometimes, I have to page through screens upon screens of already-seen toots and it's annoying.

@enkiv2 could you tell me what fern is please? i think it's a cli mastodon client?

@emsenn @enkiv2
Yeah. It's a curses-based mastodon client I wrote, with a dual-pane setup. It's based on UI ideas about usenet clients encouraging users to read their whole feeds.

@enkiv2 @emsenn VERY cool definitely gonna give that a whirl. I often find the stock web UI to be way too busy for my liking. Also, pour one out for USENET :) Man I used to love that thing :)

@feoh @enkiv2 @emsenn
Please note that it hasn't been heavily tested on python3. Let me know if you run into any issues with it.

@enkiv2 @emsenn Will do! Consider making it its own repo so people can submit PRs and the like :)

@feoh @enkiv2 @emsenn
If a bunch of people are using it, I will. I feel weird having a repo with only one file in it though ;)

@enkiv2 it isn't one file, it's one file and the versioning information, if that helps. @feoh

@enkiv2 Cool! I love seeing all the different approaches to mastodon, and what that reveals about what other folk want from the platform.

I'd say "I should just make my own frontend" but I know if I did that I'd want to make my own backend, too, and I have enough other little projects I've taken onto my plate.

@emsenn @enkiv2
If it helps -- making your own frontend becomes almost trivial if you're doing it in python because of, but from what I understand, ActivityPub is so big and hulking that making a backend is a huge project still. I'm very tempted to refactor fern to separate out mastodon-specific parts & give it support for targetting SSB, because of the weight of SSB clients.

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