The other side of "if you need to ask then you'll never know" is "if you need to be told then you'll never believe" -- i.e., a frontal assault on a heavily armored memeplex will never admit certain ideas obvious to the outgroup but incompatible with ingroup ideology's internal logic.

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@enkiv2 I've always taken "if you have to ask then you'll never know" more as a pathological form of so-called 'community self defense', perhaps against the whole geeks vs. MOPs model.

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Well, it is, but it's also more than that. Certain things are so deeply embedded in a framework that they can't be explained to outsiders without initiating them into the whole framework. "What's a monad?", asked by somebody with no technical or math background, is suitably answered with "if you have to ask then you'll never know"

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But, frameworks of ideas are not purely additive: the structure of a framework precludes certain other ideas from being integrated. And, that's what I'm getting at.

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