tfw somebody says "sure, electron is bloated, but everything is bloated" -- like, just because a problem is already horrible doesn't make it OK to make it worse\!

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@enkiv2 To be fair, it's actually not bloated. It is just not distributed a set of libraries, but a bundle. You can build it against your system libraries if they fit. :)
We have good ebuilds in #Gentoo and also a #port for #FreeBSD.

@CyReVolt @enkiv2
It's still bloated, because I would not be running those libraries otherwise. And it's still bloated in that, even if I happened to be running some of them, I would not want to use them to render a GUI (since such a thing is easier done by xlib).

@enkiv2 the obvious response being, everything is bloated because people make lazy excuses for building and using bloated stuff.

@strypey @enkiv2
Yup. It's not even a matter of optimization or whatever: it is literally easier not to use electron, from a dev POV, & the same is true of a lot of these sources of bloat.

@enkiv2 Besides GTK for example isn't bloated.

At the very least in comparison to that.

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