We don't have wifi. Pretend it's 1814. Have a drug-fueled sleepover with your husband's 'bad boy' friend & accidentally invent six or so genres of literature that went on to dominate the cultural frame of the entire 20th century.

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@naga @enkiv2 I first heard this described as “she invented science fiction while bored at another one of Lord Byron’s exhausting orgies.”

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Btw, also, that night also produced Polidori's The Vampyre, which spun off the popular serial Varney the Vampire, which heavily influenced Dracula. The Vampyre is generally seen as the first case of the Vampire aristocrat in fiction (and is taken as a passive aggressive swipe at Byron & also possibly a plagiarism of Byron), so all modern gothic vampire stories also come from that event.

@enkiv2 @Kye I recently read Tim Powers's The Stress of Her Regard, which features that group (and that vacation) heavily.

And vampires.

Because Tim Powers.

@enkiv2 @Kye @naga

The dates are pretty ridiculous:

The Vampyre: 1816
Carmilla: 1872
Dracula: 1897

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