I try and install it, almost two hours later, I can’t get the f***ing thing to run. I get paid to do this for a living, that’s how good at least some people consider me, and yet I can’t draw a picture on the screen because of build errors so complicated I can’t even begin to understand what’s causing them. How did we get here? Why can’t I use my computer to do almost anything that isn’t bootstrapping a web application?!

@neauoire @jcmorrow Because you chose a new stack, perhaps? If my goal was to just draw a picture, I could easily use Processing, but I would have a hard time if I decided to do the same thing with a language I had never used.

@neauoire @jcmorrow I guess my more general point is: you will become accustomed to the trade-offs and quirks of your day-to-day interfaces and languages. To an outsider, they are likely arcane.

@stephen @neauoire I hear that. Setting things up is always a bit of a struggle. Perhaps this is horribly misguided, but I'd make a comparison: a crayon can be used by a four year old as well as by a master artist. I don't need software that can be used by a four year old, but I'm upset that it requires an advanced degree to express yourself artistically using software.

@neauoire @jcmorrow I don't agree. To do it in the exact way you want might be a challenge, but to use the given analogy, you can't use a crayon to make an oil painting. Execution requires time and skill regardless of medium.

@neauoire @stephen @jcmorrow legacy method that still works on linux (virtual terminal) today: writing to /dev/fb0

for i in $(seq 1000000)
echo -e "\xff\x00"
done > /dev/fb0


@eel @neauoire @stephen @jcmorrow

Btw, on any x86 you can still stay in real mode on boot & use the bios 0x10 routines, which provide the same basic facilities as the graphics routines in qbasic.

That's probably the easiest way to draw a pixel on the screen: don't use an OS, and write 6 lines of asm or 2 of qbasic.

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