After some conversation with @freakazoid - I'm back to contemplating what my personal technology stack should look like.

One thing that I keep coming back to is screens.

I use the omnibook because it has great battery life on AA batteries. It has great battery life on AA batteries in large part thanks to it's monochrome, reflective, non-backlit screen.

If I could get a screen like that on a cybredeck, I'd be set.

@ajroach42 @freakazoid

Have you looked much into eink? I *really* want a general purpose eink display.

@enkiv2 @freakazoid Yeah, there just aren't any decent general purpose eink displays.

I have a hisense a5. It works reasonably well.


@ajroach42 @freakazoid

Yeah, I was expecting to have to wire something up tbh

@ajroach42 @freakazoid
$500 is expensive. I was thinking buy a used kindle off ebay and disassemble it tbh.

@enkiv2 @ajroach42 @freakazoid if you don't mind a lower resolution and coming up with your own display pipeline over SPI, this one is significantly cheaper at $170 for 9.7" 1200x825:

@djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid Where did this come from? I swear there were no eink screens over 4" available for the pi a year ago.

@djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid If someone hacks together a display driver, this would be a great option.

@ajroach42 @enkiv2 @freakazoid it looks like @martijnbraam has an open source driver for the controller on that e-ink display that allows for pushing display data over the usb port...

@djsundog @ajroach42 @enkiv2 @freakazoid

It _should_ work with that driver, it's still not super great to work with since it requires root access to control it. You do get a lot of control over the panel though you won't get with HDMI.

@martijnbraam @djsundog @ajroach42 @enkiv2 The driver boards for those displays are as big as a full-size Pi. Any chance one could drive such a display directly via GPIO pins or something?

@freakazoid @djsundog @ajroach42 @enkiv2 not easily, that driver chip does a lot of analog magic. the board can probably be smaller if you made your own PCB with the IT8951 to fit your formfactor. would also save you from the annoying adapter board for the e-paper panel

@ajroach42 @enkiv2 @freakazoid

should also take a look at this python project, which apparently supports this board as well (theoretically, anyway) via SPI:

@ajroach42 @djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid
This is something I've wished for for years now. Have a look at this project for waveshare displays. You can get a terminal, display images or configure a full desktop via connecting to a vnc server on the same system. I have used the terminal portion on my 2.13" epaper display.

@ajroach42 @djsundog @enkiv2 @freakazoid
Now I kind of want to setup that terminal dashboard I've been playing with on eink.

@kemonine @djsundog @ajroach42 @kelbot @enkiv2 I don't see a datasheet for it but I'm guessing the power draw is too high for Andrew's application, since it looks like a standard backlit display.

@freakazoid @djsundog @ajroach42 @kelbot @enkiv2

The panel has a dedicated power brick IIRC

Was more of a "this is an intersting one if you ever need a 4k panel for something"

@ajroach42 @enkiv2 @freakazoid if you told me waveshare just displayed a random selection of available e-ink screens on any given web page load I would not act surprised tbh

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