@enkiv2 "

Any technology which is not an (alleged) currency and which incorporates #blockchain anyway would always work better without it."

I have been saying (and proving) this for years, now.

@enkiv2 @cedric Pretty childish to talk bad about a certain technology because some people use it in bad ways.

I can argue anologously that CI is a disaster because it gives bad actors access to free #Bitcoin. Or because it's used by botnets!

Maybe DNA sequencing should never have been invented because it can be used to create deadly viri!

I use Bitcoin every day and I wouldn't know what to do if it didn't exist. Save in gold? Gold is a real worse polluter than Bitcoin is.

@stevenroose @cedric

I mean, the obvious solution is "overthrow capitalism"

But, do you really *need* to stockpile a functionally-worthless investment? You could stockpile rice instead, and though the price of rice isn't going to zoom up or anything, you can actually eat rice.

@enkiv2 @cedric Sure the obvious answer is to overthrow capitalism. However as the popular saying goes "one does not simply overthrow capitalism".

And even in non-capitalist and free societies, currencies might be useful for performing international trade. Despite of gold's violent history, gold has also been used in peacetime.

I believe that in a truly free digital society, a digital bullion like #Bitcoin won't be needed. But we're not there yet. And for now it's better than the alternatives.

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