@enkiv2 its a idleogical point of view that under capitalisam is oftern proved to be right. to prove this wrong you need to organise socierty in a diffrent way.

Even despite the pressures of capitalism, the world is full of oases of slack where 'natural' tendencies prevail. (Likewise, despite the nigh-omnipresence of the state model, most of our lives are spent in 'anarchist' contexts where the state and formal authority have no sway.)

Were this not the case, humanity would have died out long ago, because capitalism simply isn't sustainable at scale.

@enkiv2 @witchescauldron@activism.openworlds.info
the beautiful feeling of closing a door and for a period its just whoever is in the room (among many other oases)

@enkiv2 @witchescauldron@activism.openworlds.info also been thinking about the phrase "under capitalism" which often gets used, and from my perspective grants too much power and omnipresence to capitalism

am I under capitalism when the sky is above my head? when I'm looking at the stars?

it might be that we are never entirely separate from it, but perhaps the preposition under is not accurate or helpful

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