Points of View (2010) p38

"The [programmer] clearly believed the LRG marketing pitch that you can just browse around and read the code, find things you want to use,and connect them. [...] [the new code] was not an example of good programming style, but [...] it worked, it demonstrated what he wanted, and someone else [...] could easily rewrite and extend it."

Tfw you don't care about the law of the media police, except in spanish

In case you were wondering but not enough to actualy run it, this is what fern looks like right now.

This is much more of a problem than had she dressed up as the less-striking female version, the sukeban (which just comes down to wearing a slightly old fashioned school uniform and carrying a sword):

Basically, I'm trying to research for a running gag in MfoM, but I'm starting to think it might be too obscure for my (american otaku) audience.

The idea is: Ai, our protagonist & a schoolgirl living in the 21st century, is so deeply into 70s manga that she tries to change her image & comes in on her first day of school wearing the stereotypical 1970s bancho outfit (which Yandere Simulator has helpfully put on a female character model):

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