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You don't want to kill all your dark areas they are very important. This is a happy place, little squirrels live here and play.

Morning my lovelies.

Never, ever negotiate with someone or something trying to do you harm.

Always be open to compromise and understanding, but do not sacrifice an inch of your well being to appease anything that wants injure you.

You have a right to defend yourself. Your peace and happiness matter.

The video for InSoc's new single is incredibly... something.

Like, 2006 MySpace nu-metal aesthetic I guess?

(This shouldn't surprise me too much. When they came back, they leaned heavily on that aesthetic in album art, & Paul Robb spent years making mediocre nu-metal instead of great sampling-based experimental hip hop.)

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

I wish it differentiated financial media from non-financial ones.

if medium is such a great website, why isn't there a large

@saxnot Yeah, it's worrying. I understand why they'd want to do it, though, and I haven't seen any indication of people being screwed over yet.

@saxnot No idea. It can't be very big, because I fairly regularly get a high ratio of payout to number of recommendations. But, they don't publish the details of that. (They're worried about people figuring out a way to game it, I guess.)

@saxnot If you hit the button multiple times, or on multiple articles, it gets added to the list multiple times. Whatever portion of the subscription fee doesn't go to Medium itself gets split evenly across the list. Recommendations on un-paywalled articles or recommendations on paywalled articles by people who aren't paying the subscription fees just influence reccomendations & rankings.

@saxnot There's a subscription program, & only articles that are marked 'subscribers only' are eligable for payment. If somebody hits what used to be the recommendation button, that adds the author of the article to an internal list of people among whom the reader's $5/month gets distributed. (There seems to be rollover, because I've gotten more than $5 from a single recommendation before.)

There are live performances of Ultimate Care II, Matmos's washing machine album, apparently.

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@saxnot Also, philosophically, I like the idea of only getting paid when people actually like what I've written more than getting paid when a mass of competing shadowy third parties have decided that my readers are sufficiently gullible to be worth one three-hundredth of a cent per view (instead of nothing).

@saxnot I have my own blog with ads. I made nine dollars off of running it for ten years. On medium, I make about nine bucks a *month*, and there are no ads. (One month, I made eighty bucks off a single article.)

@saxnot With Twitch, I can see people thinking of it as a way to potentially make money off something they're already doing. If I played video games more than like once a month, I'd probably stream them on the off chance somebody cares -- & I do the same thing with writing (since I'd be writing anyway, might as well do it on medium instead of twitter or whatever)

@RafiX Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you meant SMB as in Samba, the Windows NT/9x network file & printer sharing daemon.

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