@enkiv2 Looking through your article I was just struck by an amusing contrast.

Various command lines feel like a natural extension of my mind.

vi with a good keyboard feels like an extension of my mind.

Writing longhand is /such/ an excruciating, time consuming, and difficult experience for me I expect I feel about a notebook the way the average person feels about vi ;)

nLS is hyper-professional, Xanadu is hyper-literate, and dynabook is hyper-creative / hyper-exploratory.

Engelbart's vision of computing is made for small teams of professional engineers who need to *get things done*.

Ted's vision is for academics, who need to understand intertextuality and make creative breakthroughs.

Kay's vision is for a playful creativity.

He diverges with Kay & Nelson in this. Kay's very interested in getting all the power from a small set of primitives that can be learned by experience. Nelson's interested in lowering cognitive load by making implicit connections explicit, and using that to bootstrap more interesting thinking.

Yup. That was part of Engelbart's design philosophy: that users could be expected to put in some initial work to learn how to use powerful tools, so you optimize for how effective they'd be once you mastered them.

@enkiv2 The thing that struck me the most when first watching the Mother of All Demos was that it was a GUI, but they weren't trying to make it easy. They were working to augment human ability instead of working within its limitations.

wwelcome to,,,, card shuffling ASMR,, where a master card shuffler... *SNIFF* teaches yyou how to shuffle a deck,, of playing cards.... lets beginf but oh- one moment,,,, i cant find my cards.. excuse me--


*screaming from another room*



Knock knock!
Who's there?
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve who?
Federal reserve act!

Did you know that Joe Matheny is John Titor? Or, claims to be, anyhow.

📡📻🔊 🎼🎶🎵🎶 🎶 🎵

#nowplaying in the TARDIS control room:

Episode 99 Joseph Matheny Ongs Hate and artificial Intelligenc by Project Archivist, from the album Project Archivist.


#fediplay #np

I'm trying to make a Pleroma instance which doesn't federate, doesn't advertise itself and where the posts are only visible from the registered users, regardless of privacy settings.
The first two are config options, the third one possibly requires some coding. I'm terrible at coding. :flan_hacker: :flan_on_fire:

Ugh. Claiming that we now live in the world of the 'Mother of All Demos' missed the entire point of the demo.

@freakazoid That the demo shows empowered users pursing their agendas and given tools to empower them. Englebart, as I understand it, thought it was important that the users could direct the change of their tools and improve them.

While we have mice and windows and bitmaps and video conferencing, they're all things handed down To the User from On High with the user not being expected to question or change their design, with each company staking out a chunk of the user's data rather than having it be easy to share/move/change. It's like we have all the window dressing but the house has been secretly replaced with new, Folgers crystals while we weren't looking.

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