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Bad idea of the day: replace your planner with a planchette and let DEAD GHOSTS set your daily schedule, remind you of appointments, etc.

I have been so absorbed recently, traveling the Wired, exploring obscure corners, many of which seem almost forsaken. @rick_777 awakened me by reminding: today (yesterday for some of you) is SEL's 20-th anniversary!
Let's praise #Lain once again!

Hot take: it's not 'technical debt' but 'technical hoarding'

*slaps the roof of a non-deterministic Turing machine* this bad boy can fit so many deterministic Turing machines in it

Hot take: the big problem in generative art is not that computers aren't creative but that computers don't have taste. We've solved that problem by building taste into the mechanisms of generation instead of building filters.

Did a demo of an exploitation to the crew who has to patch the issue (its a large systemic issue. Not an easy patch.)

First demo was showy. And some of the crew thought it looked cool but would be easy to detect.

Brought out the second demo and displayed a real world “quick” attack. Happened in less than a second. Just a blip before the crash. No way to detect or stop.

There was a long silence afterwards.

Everyone was on board. We set about planning on how to fix it.


@TheGibson - Finding more and more than my only real job is communication. I can find every hole there is, but if folks don’t see the actual risk, they won’t move on it.

@tinker Honestly, in some ways you become an educator.

That's how I look at the set of skills that it requires...

But a practical teacher, not a theoretical one.

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