using a free service? how about you just roll an american flag into a blunt and smoke it, you fucking communist!!

it's so fucking blatant. 'here's a list of nsa-approved paid vpns that will keep your data safe :))) from the devilish hands of the oriental :o'

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what the fuck is xi jinping gonna do with your data huh brett? what's he gonna do looking at your creepy porno and buying weed on the darknet because you're too scared of breaking the law to approach a dealer in person? post it in a vip chatroom for the boys to point and laugh at maybe? because that seems about the worst he could do

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if you're more concerned about fucking china spying on you than the nsa and cia — which, mind you, have been thoroly proven to do it and not just accused of it vaguely — you just might be, wait for it, a bit racist

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@esvrld I've been wondering about this in relation to Tik Tok lately. I've never touched Tik Tok and know absolutely nothing about it, but my first reaction to all the "countries are banning Tik Tok and other Chinese apps over privacy concerns" has been "Is this all just a racism thing or am I missing something?" I'm guessing it's just more anti-China racism disguised as something else, but I haven't read up on any of it yet.


@Lexi @esvrld bit of both. There's absolutely a racism component to it, but the app is genuinely doing shady things with user data

No more shady than twitter, facebook, and google, though, all of which should be a higher priority to kill off

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