Please help

Someone just stole my bag in Paris with my only estradiol

Does anyone here have estradiol or anything they could share with me???

I’m in a total panic

Please help please retoot

Thank you so much

hrt question 

On this warm humid sweaty morning my main request to the universe is for a well fitting bra


Omg what is this I haven’t been this thirsty in ages

I hope this works out

trans voice help request 

I’m so hungry, what is even happening

I just like indirectly came out on all my other social media and now I feel so unbelievably free and happy 💜💜💜

Spring must be back 🌱☀️💐🌈🌿 given the music that is moving me this day

meg/self image 

Wow I didn’t know SOPHIE was trans! ❤️


A gentle drizzle today 🌧 but suddenly a flash of light and then half a second later a huge thunderclap ⛈ 🌩 ⚡ booooom

An interesting thing about transition (to 👩 ) is the move from consumer to provider of emotional labor.

Shade the Changing Girl 💜 💜 💜 I just preordered the Changing Woman book, looking forward so so much


Just reset my theme back to, this is very nice

“For centuries, the right has relied on the same tactic to preserve the status quo: convincing people that a better world is simply impossible. They tell us that while it may look perverse to have a society in which some people eat $2,000 gold-flake pizzas while others die from being unable to afford medical treatment, it is simply The Best We Can Do, and it is futile and naive to protest.”


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