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Here's another excerpt of the music I'm composing for my Master degree. I'm thinking to share the steps of composition of my symphonic piece.
Enjoy! đŸŽ¶

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My music!!! Work in progress of my Master degree, my string quartet is almost done! Here's the first movement, out of five.

Next compositions: one for full orchestra and a chamber opera.

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in English,
and experimental music , aspiring music composer.
, I love , , and
, he/they.
, inspired by amerindian and european traditions, and .
and Sister of the P-I.
I live in Montréal, non-ceded indigenous territory. I speak English and French.
Pleasure ~

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en français,
de et expérimental, aspirant composer pour jeux vidéo.
, j'adore , , et .
, , mes pronom sont il ou iel.
, inspiré des traditions amérindiennes et européennes, du tarot et de l'astrologie.
Tendances , je suis (du mieux que je peux) et SƓur de la P-I.
J'habite Montréal, territoire autochtone non-cédé. Je suis bilingue français/anglais.
Au plaisir ~

I made a weird dream where I was doing a gig in the UK as a second flutist and composer for a Christmas symphonic orchestra concert, where all first chairs were british and the rest were mixed Québécois/French/Belgian. The whole dream felt really bourgeois, like it was a bourgie family that paid this orchestra concert as a Christmas gift. And every time I talked to someone in english they responded in french. For some reason I knew the piccolist (?). Very short but detailed dream I know.



they keep adding new genders, call me old fashioned but i still think the original 151 are the best

Sexuality Spectrum Meme (Bandwagon) 

If you're up against a tough Pokemon why not throw a pokeball at the pokeball he's in so if it breaks out its got another layer or pokeball to get through.

Ça fait des annĂ©es que j'ai pas flĂąnĂ© dans le lit en me rĂ©veillant le matin comme ça.

parodie du "queer iceberg" (je cw psk j'vais en poster PLEEEEEEIN) 

This is a useful way to see how the different protocols of the #Fediverse and #Federation interact and which software uses which.

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