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Here's another excerpt of the music I'm composing for my Master degree. I'm thinking to share the steps of composition of my symphonic piece.
Enjoy! 🎶

Each time I see those conspiracy theorists and anti-lockdown measures demonstrations, I have a craving to play the Fake News Scenario of Plague Inc. Thanks you very much.

So I only realized today that Funkwhale hosts music. For some reason I thought it was just like a platform for sharing and talking about music. Does anyone have instances suggestions?

At the beginning I missed taking the metro. Now I miss hanging out in book stores and libraries. :blob_cat_coffee:

My new phone case feels... a bit bulky. But at least I don't feel that I have a screen in my hand.

Do y'all remember during the BLM demonstrations, the Classical music community shared articles about Beethoven being black.

First: this was very irrelevent to the discussion. Whatever Beethoven was black or white, it doesn't change the fact that systemic racism exist.

Second: this is called virtue signaling. They are saying "look, our biggest seller is black, we are not racists!" Then, come back to the first point.

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person: whats your gender?

me, visibly sweating: the uh, the normal one. normal gender, ive got that one. normally gending on this fine evening

Small talk on Among Us:

Someone: Boy or girl?



Me: Neither

The girl: but how?

Me: Because we exist?

The girl: nvm

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to names for Germany

With a map of names, color-coded by origin

Cool and normal stuff

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Outing someone without consent should be a crime imo


Être un artiste, c'est un peu comme jouer à Among Us: Tu n'es vraiment reconnu que lorsque tu es mort 😅

us politics 

Is it me or the attention's gonna be more on the vice-president than on the president?

Puisqu'on passe nos journées à regarder des cartes des USA, je me dois de vous partager celle-ci :

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