Here's another excerpt of the music I'm composing for my Master degree. I'm thinking to share the steps of composition of my symphonic piece.
Enjoy! đŸŽ¶

My music!!! Work in progress of my Master degree, my string quartet is almost done! Here's the first movement, out of five.

Next compositions: one for full orchestra and a chamber opera.

Sofia Gubaidulina - Musical Toys
Cette compositrice est ma dĂ©couverte de l'Ă©tĂ©, j'adore ce qu'elle fait 😇

in English,
and experimental music , aspiring music composer.
, I love , , and
, he/they.
, inspired by amerindian and european traditions, and .
and Sister of the P-I.
I live in Montréal, non-ceded indigenous territory. I speak English and French.
Pleasure ~

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