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Coucou ! Je suis Flop, je fais du roller et des sites web de temps en temps. Je suis bi, nb, vg, et motivé. :anqueer:

Je m'intéresse à beaucoup de choses, de loin (hé oui, gang autiste à TDAH), parmi lesquelles des designs, des géographies, des politiques, des fictions, des anecdotes, des actualités…

Mes passe-temps du moment sont un peu de Stardew Valley, beaucoup de GeoGuessr, et pas mal de musiques douces. :lila_heart_yellow:

selfie, eye contact 

me in the elevator, on my way for a rollerblade stroll in the rain (i am cute and i live dangerously)

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cryptocurrency is the purest form of artificial scarcity and must die

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development update, please support me :) 

As usual, please support me if you think my work is useful! You can do so on Buy me a coffee ( or Liberapay (

I have financial difficulties right now and am trying to find a way to have more stability, but in the meantime I still gotta pay my rent, my food and my medical bills.

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just watched the Game Changers (2018), about athletes going vegan


i made myself do some chore i didn’t want to do and it felt much more tiring than it should have

our three roommates, of which two are usually up till at least 2 am and asleep till late in the afternoon, all went to sleep at like 9 pm and it’s *weird* 🧐

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work, remote 

pro of bluetooth earphones: i can do the dishes during an audio meeting

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hey I'd like to collect several book recommendations on those topics:
- universities & white supremacy
- racism in the methods of empirical social science (and how to overcome that, if possible)
- postcolonial feminist philosophy of science
- anarchist science fiction (not ursula k LeGuin)
- queer novels which deal with whatever topic

I'd prefer if all the authors were Black, not from Europe or the US, but I can only understand German or English.

Please boost! & thank you very much!

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technically nude, eye contact 

selfie with the cat

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