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Coucou ! Je suis Flop, je fais du roller et des sites web de temps en temps. Je suis bi, nb, vg, et motivé. :anqueer:

Je m'intéresse à beaucoup de choses, de loin (hé oui, gang autiste à TDAH), parmi lesquelles des designs, des géographies, des politiques, des fictions, des anecdotes, des actualités…

Mes passe-temps du moment sont un peu de Stardew Valley, beaucoup de GeoGuessr, et pas mal de musiques douces. :lila_heart_yellow:

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1 like = 1 biographical sketch of a person I shared a message board with from roughly 2002-2005

ah, french, the language of love

french class: “maze hoo hey dank horny car” :thinknyan:

J’ai raté mon arrêt de tram parce que j’étais pas concentré sur la réalité yes


- normal version (4 nested for loops, break when needed): 180ms
- normal version on TypedArray: 150ms

- recursive version, handmade indexOf: 100ms
- recursive version, handmade indexOf on TypedArray: 110ms

- recursive version, native indexOf for the tail search: 250ms
- recursive version, native indexOf on TypedArray: 50ms

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for the advent of code, i made a program that loops through an array of 200 numbers 2 times, to find the 2 numbers that sum to 2020 (eg 1199 + 821)

made a recursive version that can loop N times, to find the N numbers that sum to 2020

my benchmark is to loop 4 times (worst case is 196^4 iterations)

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omg typed arrays in javascript are so f a s t

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the #ASL word for "trans" is the same morpheme as "beautiful" but signed over your heart, where you'd sign self 😭

(image/caption: via carodoodles on birdsite: )


first oatmeal turning out okay

1h de roller, c’est moins fun tout·e seul·e

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asking about erotic literature; boost welcome 

I may have asked about this before, but since I'm still looking...

I'd like to find some good erotic literature for non-binary people. That is, in which their gender and sexuality are affirmed and celebrated, in a dignified and positive manner. It doesn't have to be "serious" literature (for the lack of a better word) created by professional writers; it can be in any form written by anyone.

Thank you :blobcatheart:

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@ les gens avec des rollers seba ou fr skates, ça taille petit ? (je fais du 41 "et demi")

jusque là je piquais les rollers du club pour en faire mais vu que tout ferme tout le temps à cause du covid j'envisage sérieusement d'en acheter

boost ok :blobboost:

these days when my roommate has to perform basic maths like 17-4 or 6+3 they ask me instead of opening a calculator app 😶 it’s interesting

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