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Coucou ! Je suis Flop, je fais du roller et des sites web de temps en temps. Je suis bi, nb, vg, et motivé. :anqueer:

Je m'intéresse à beaucoup de choses, de loin (hé oui, gang autiste à TDAH), parmi lesquelles des designs, des géographies, des politiques, des fictions, des anecdotes, des actualités…

Mes passe-temps du moment sont un peu de Stardew Valley, beaucoup de GeoGuessr, et pas mal de musiques douces. :lila_heart_yellow:

not fond of electron but pretty sure electron apps run faster than c, given that if you start writing your software now it will be up and running years before your c program starts looking good

i like that my homepage weighs less than 40 kiB and is still very pretty according to me

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ok so I'm gonna start on the actual design/architecture document for #shayu (, my static site generator project

input is definitely appreciated though, so if you have ideas you'd like to see implemented (or experimented with) feel free braindump in the replies

:boost_ok: :boost_requested: boosts appreciated, still trying to figure out if/how this will be a generally useful project for others as well :3

logiciel libre blablabla 

Le problème du logiciel libre c'est que, avant d'être une politique ou une philosophie, c'est une communauté, et que en tant que communauté, c'est pas ouf

am i trying to learn typescript and angular in one afternoon, yes

put some emoji in your life 🌤💝😼🧦

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coining a word? 

i didn't mean “word out” as in “ending a conversation” (like the urban dictionary suggests) but more as in “try to put the idea into words to process it and then get it out”

i have no idea how “phrasal verbs” work in english

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(not really asking for help, i just needed to state that, it's useful to word out your problems every so often)

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me: i can manage myself, i am adulting just fine

my sleep schedule: 1am-8am on good days, 2am-6am on bad days

my awake schedule: 3 to 5 daunting tasks™ planned every day for the next nine days and things keep getting added every time anyone asks

En théorie j’ai marché 20km aujourd’hui ☀️ et en pratique j’ai chopé un coup de soleil

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I am so tired of hearing people who don't understand what a blockchain is trying to explain how great they are

Aux lacs Robert mercredi (vers Chamrousse, à 2000m d’altitude)

i'm pretty excited, i'm writing an actual article with actual footnotes and everything, i hope adhd won't stop me this time

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Sur les 2 derniers heures y'a que 10% des images dans ma timeline qui ont été décrites convenablement

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