@kouett i got the wikipedia one at a floss event in Lyon (JDLL) a few years ago, the anti transphobic action on there: disyouth.net/shop/index.php/sh

and the shark one on etsy (more expensive) etsy.com/listing/931303283/tra

@flop Oh dang I love these where did you get them.

@Ardmass i posted the links there: eldritch.cafe/@flop/1056383640

i don’t have a link for the wikipedia sticker since i got it from volunteers

@Ardmass those two stores are in europe so shipping to your location in the US is probably not good (long, costly and polluting), but with a bit of searching you will probably find similar stickers shipped closer to your location! (not sure for the shark one though 😶)

@flop I appreciate it. I can probably find something similar here on etsy.

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