mirror selfie, no eye contact 

got a new top for reasons

selfie, eye contact 

my selfie of the month (boosts ok, interactions ok :possum_rawr:)


First thing I did after waking up yesterday morning was the dishes, then vegan cookies 🍪

bdsm joke, dishes 

i don’t need BDSM to experience pain, i can just *check notes* wash 77 plastic cups by hand every once in a while

selfies, eye contact 

pictures from sunday and today, i hadn’t told y’all yet but i am green now

i made this strap too long by about 60 centimeters but if i roll it around the skates it’s a very practical way to carry them in hand without them moving around

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selfie, no eye contact 

outfit of the day with the 🩳 i stole from my roommate two months ago

soft nudity, injury (dry blood) 

fell on the road tuesday evening, hurt the skin of my left elbow and palm on the tar (i don’t know the english word for this kind of injury, is it scratched?)

selfie, eye contact 

It’s midnight, it’s hacker time

shitpost sur linkedin 

je fais les meilleurs posts linkedin

selfie, eye contact 

yesterday evening before and during roller skating

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