selfie, kinda ec, boosts recommended, dangerous amounts of pink 

@deletescape @JennyFluff pink hair friend 🌟

just watched the Game Changers (2018), about athletes going vegan

@JennyFluff yeah, not sure how to deal with it at the moment :<

re: Nourriture, argent 

@sasha @nileane @tiphaine :blob_sad_eyes: je regarderai (aussi quitte à avoir un mixeur autant en avoir un qui suive nos ambitions culinaires sur la durée, donc j’en chercherai des qui durent longtemps et permettent de faire peut-être + de trucs)


@tiphaine @nileane en mars peut-être quand j’aurai à nouveau des thunes 💸🔥

this week's covid digest, pandemic stuff 

@anarchiv also there has been new cases of a bird flu variant that can infect humans (H5N8), apparently the people who got infected (all workers in a poultry plant) all recovered but this variant appears to have hit poultries in several countries

@Ardmass we hear news from Texas here, i hope the situation for everyone there will improve quickly!

glad you’re doing okay-ish

re: selfie, eye contact 

@na i got an eyebrow piercing yesterday in the evening ☀️


i made myself do some chore i didn’t want to do and it felt much more tiring than it should have

our three roommates, of which two are usually up till at least 2 am and asleep till late in the afternoon, all went to sleep at like 9 pm and it’s *weird* 🧐

@moiety asking your date to identify crosswalks and buses and traffic lights before giving them your number


@panicarcadia well, probably not then 🤷‍♀️ i still hope it lasts ✨

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