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n°200 : Ghost Brigade - Grain
I'm in quite a mood for . They are a death metal band, with a large part of clean vocals, but quite calm, not flashy, and the melodies carry me away. I love it.

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Aaand I am...

Neutral Good Human Druid/Wizard

Ability Scores:
Strength- 12
Dexterity- 11
Constitution- 11
Intelligence- 14
Wisdom- 12
Charisma- 10

(Also Ravenclaw and INFP-T)

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[from my WT account]
Simulating electronic circuits with railways.

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Petits points sur mes comptes (pour être épinglé) :

- @fluffy : ancien main qui va disparaître
- @fluffybot : maon bot souvent hors-ligne
- @dustinthewoods pour des trucs éphéméraires
- compte mystère sur CBC : :blob_thinking_smirk:

n°275 : 4everfreebrony - Quiet Strength

I talked this morning about . Well, here's a new track !

n°264 : Caladan Brood - A Voice Born of Stone and Dust

I really love what Caladan Brood do. I've got a soft spot for atmospheric black metal, especially when it is well orchestrated.

N°273 : 4everfreebrony - A Final Twilight (cover feat. GigglyMaria)

I like the sweetness of 4everfreebrony's songs.

n°272 : Taku Iwasaki - "Libera Me" From Hell

(From Gurren Lagann OST) Yeah, I like the energy of this song, lyric songs and rap parts.

n°271 : Daniel Ingram, Rebecca Shoichet - The Midnight In Me

My Little Pony songs are cool.

[contains my little pony spoilers from Equestria Girls : Legend of Everfree]

Vous recommandez quoi pour upload des images sur Internet ? Là je vois Discord (en m'envoyant un MP) ou Mastodon de la même manière, mais c'est pas fait pour, sans garantie... Il y a Imgur, mais je sais pas si c'est bien ? Juste pour mettre des images pour mes RPs sur nationstates.

n°270 : Kauan - Nainen

I really love . This album especially is wonderful. The songs are so sweet and calm me a lot.

n°269 : Loony Spectre - Cutie Mark Crusaders Song (Epic Metal Cover)

Having metal cover of My Little Pony songs may seem weird at first, but this one is especially good. The original song featured (in the serie) young ponies who could not sing very well. Here it's way better, and the metal part, a bit like King Diamond is awesome !

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Someone made this Star Wars video and it has a really cool feel.

[cw violence, war, star wars spoilers]

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