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n°200 : Ghost Brigade - Grain
I'm in quite a mood for . They are a death metal band, with a large part of clean vocals, but quite calm, not flashy, and the melodies carry me away. I love it.

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Aaand I am...

Neutral Good Human Druid/Wizard

Ability Scores:
Strength- 12
Dexterity- 11
Constitution- 11
Intelligence- 14
Wisdom- 12
Charisma- 10

(Also Ravenclaw and INFP-T)

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[from my WT account]
Simulating electronic circuits with railways.

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Petits points sur mes comptes (pour être épinglé) :

- @fluffy : ancien main qui va disparaître
- @fluffybot : maon bot souvent hors-ligne
- @dustinthewoods pour des trucs éphéméraires
- compte mystère sur CBC : :blob_thinking_smirk:

Ah et j'ai perdu (première fois de la journée, ça aide de ne pas regarder Mastodon).

"Leave Only Your Foottraces"*
It's free real estate then.
*prend la falaise, la mer et la plage*

*panneau sur la plage

l'anarchisme c'est le système politique où les Ana ont le pouvoir

n°306 : ponyphonic - The Moon Rises (ft. Kristen Calvin)

This song (as are most songs by ) is beautiful. I really love the story of Celestia and Luna, and I guess this is the kind of song from the fandom which adds so much to the character.

(j'arrive un peu tard parce qu'un problème de connexion a retardé mon shitpost)

shitpost, subtoot 

fossilized shit, parasites 

shitpost a bit political? 

n°305 : Motionless In White - City Lights

This is probably the calmest song from . I find it quite beautiful.

pysant ? like a pheasant, which are colorful birds (link to the display part)

yeah i want the name to be 1. related to wallpaper; 2. birdy; 3. related to python

yeah i want the name to be 1. related to wallpaper; 2. birdy; 3. related to python

or I could do something with wallcreepers, but wallcreepy is... creepy. magpy ? maybe, but we lose the connection to the wallpaper stuff i guess.

too bad because otherwise the name would fit pretty well the thing, but i can't use it like this.

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