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n°200 : Ghost Brigade - Grain
I'm in quite a mood for . They are a death metal band, with a large part of clean vocals, but quite calm, not flashy, and the melodies carry me away. I love it.

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Aaand I am...

Neutral Good Human Druid/Wizard

Ability Scores:
Strength- 12
Dexterity- 11
Constitution- 11
Intelligence- 14
Wisdom- 12
Charisma- 10

(Also Ravenclaw and INFP-T)

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[from my WT account]
Simulating electronic circuits with railways.

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Petits points sur mes comptes (pour être épinglé) :

- : ancien main qui va disparaître
- @fluffybot : maon bot souvent hors-ligne
- @dustinthewoods pour des trucs éphéméraires
- compte mystère sur CBC : :blob_thinking_smirk:


"What are my political leanings ?" Don't you mean "What is my politicsona ?"

Geldingadalir Volcano 

It has grown quite a lot since the beginning. :blob_uwu: (The first lava vent has been inactive for quite a while, but the active one is massive, and likely to host a lava lake.)

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Sondage du soir 

"Raffinée" rime avec

shitpost, greek mythology (so sex, death and all this kind of things) 

Random queen : I'm so superior to Leto, I've got fourteen children but she only has two !

Artemis and Apollo (children of Leto) : *murder the fuck out of their children*

Queen : :blob_fucking_weird_cat:

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Genealogical family trees of greek heroes and gods be like :

Zeus. Zeus everywhere.

Ce toot est sponsorisé par l'Amicale des Trolls, Orques et Gobelins. 

Droit de réponse du Syndicat des Fées & Elfes :

Vous êtes fort sales.

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Ce toot est sponsorisé par l'Amicale des Trolls, Orques et Gobelins. 

Vous vous lavez combien de fois dans l'année ?


Something funny, is that when I see the trucks digging the soil to create walls against the lava flow, my initial reaction is "oh no, they are destroying the flora there !". And then I remember it's this or lava pouring on it anyway. ^^

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God is my favourite content creator.

shitpost lewdy cursed subtoot 

jesus, tendant un verre de vin : ceci est mon sang
amaranthe, tendant un verre de cognac préparé soigneusement : ceci est mon sperme


"Mom can we have intelligence"
"We already have intelligence at home."
*intelligence at home : full of cognitive bias*

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tumblr de cassandre : silly cute + star strek
tumblr d'amaranthe : C U R S E D

PBS Eons a sorti une vidéo spéciale pour @amaranthe et @Cassandre : Did These Giant Sloths Poop Themselves to Death?

Je ne l'ai pas vu mais ça a l'air quali !

%climate change, shitposty 

russian federation 🤝 united states of america
🔥 being in fire 🔥

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