So it seems there will be protests against Amazon Monday and Tuseday. Since Amazon owns Twitch and other companies, it would be better to boycott them as well.

@fluffy i dont get why anyone would hate amazon so much when they can make my online orders delivered in 2 days.

@fluffy I don't use twitch, but isn't there a way to leach them rather than leave them alone? Serving without profit seems worse than giving them time to rest.

@zge I've seen some suggesting that we just use adblockers, to cut their profits while using their services. However, I guess it would still be counted as a view on the platform, so frequentation statistics would still be good for them.
Anyway, it's not a two-days Twitch strike which will put an economic pressure, so I guess we should focus on a symbolic attack. That's why I think it's better not to go on Twitch altogether.

@fluffy That list seems to be missing ComiXology, by the way. :blobnervous:

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