Hi folks I’m new here. I used to be @fox but I can only access that account on my old phone.
I’m a 21 yr old fennec fox furry working on my applied linguistics degree. Also interested in making music, gardening, and organizing.

hi yall im moving to @foxgloved till I can figure out how to get into this account from my new phone✌

@Serveuse I'm getting a new phone and idk how to recover my account because I dont know my email or password. Do you know if that's possible? thanks!

getting a new phone. forgot my masto password. so idk ig I'll have to make a new account.

some of what's going on in the garden. the last one is orange hat micro tomatoes from baker creek. they don't get any taller than that!
also I planted the peyote zkittlez seed today since it was like half an inch of root. the other two are still pretty small so they'll stay in the paper towel another day or two.


checked today. all three popped :) gonna wait another day or two then plant. haven't decided if I'm gonna do hydro or soil, LED or outdoors. I'm a little worried about the electricity bill. also low on space. maybe welcoming a new rabbit soon too. I think outdoors in soil is best probably bc then I can fertilize with rabbit manure. and I won't be pushing it with my room mates twice lmao

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Goblins absolutely exist in this world and they'll almost certainly make a cameo but I gotta remember this isn't a goblin story!!

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@mcmoots here's an example :) I can do any brief text and/or symbols

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all of my followers have been "dankpilled"

A Bot Transforms a Pseudorandom Number into a Parodic Art Blog Headline 

Monotone Constructivist Lithographs of Carpet Moths Juxtaposed With Stringers by Iqbal Mommsen

food, request for input 

anyone have ideas about how to use portabello mushroom? I was given a big bag of them yesterday.


just started new seeds: peyote zkittlez, mazar, and gelat.og
so excited for these, especially gelat.og


wish I could sell weed but 1) I don't want to lose my fafsa money and 2) I don't even have enough space to grow enough for myself
wish I had the resources to take advantage of good genetics like mephisto, but rn I would just be growing small plants outside which wouldn't be worth the cost. besides I have a bunch of lemon and northern lights seeds from when I got a male plant and pollinated my flowering females. got way more than I expected/need. guess I could sell the seeds maybe lol


pretty sure these are lemon sativa (left) and northern lights (right)
from crosses earlier this year when I got a surprise male
they're looking (and smelling) good🌱

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