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Pouet épinglé

Ok, phone plugged in to computer.

I'm warning you:
Teasing incoming and big stories

I'm not 100% against CSR (client side rendering). I just want it to be an enhancement to server-side rendering and not a replacement.

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         ⁺⁸  ⁻²  ⁻⁵  ⁻⁶
  ⁺⁷  ⁺⁵  ⁻²  ⁻⁴  ⁻²  ⁻⁵  ⁻⁵
      ⁺⁵  ⁺⁰  ⁻³  ⁻²  ⁻²  ⁻⁴
        ⁺⁴  ⁺⁰  ⁻⁴  ⁻²  ⁻⁴
        ⁺⁵  ⁺⁰  ⁻²  ⁻² ⁻¹⁴
       ⁺⁸  ⁺³  ⁺⁰  ⁺⁰  ⁺⁴  ⁻²
           ⁻⁴  ⁺⁵

Votre ville : bot.elmt.eu

Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

Coucou masto !
Je cherche un pad collaboratif qui remplisse ces conditions :
- Open source
- Coloration du texte en fonction des participant·e·s
- Prise en charge d'images

(Je n'en ai trouvé aucun qui remplisse les trois, soit la coloration manque soit la prise en charge d'images :/)

i will love and care for and cherish the :blobcatowoevil: emoji until she learns kindness and compassion

i swear to god if another techbro CISSP certified numbskull explains to me how TLS will allegedly solve the problems of buffer overflow vulnerabilities in package managers, i'm going to just start hitting that block button

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At the end of the day what I’m getting at and why I’m posting is that pay attention to meeeeese

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🎶 All I wanna do is
*bang bang bang bang*
And uh
*cash register*
And boost your selfie 🎶

my shitty toots don’t get much love but show this beautiful boy some love

hey... boost this and ill make smth based off yr profile in this dressup game i like hjgdsf

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I have a huge ego and inflated sense of importance and I can’t fix these things so I post on social media

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